Dexter Season 7 to Feature "Different Dynamics," Showtime President Promises

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Note: I will remain as calm as possible while recapping Showtime President David Nevins' panel today at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, as he delved in to the two major developments from season six of Dexter and, well, I made it very clear how I felt about those in my review of the finale.

Dex in the Lab

Of Deb's realization that she loves Dexter, he said: “I’m aware that there’s a certain taboo despite fact that they’re not genetically related, but [this is] something that has been building over a number of yearss" and it's "an idea that’s informed how [the writers have] done this show for a long time."

Of Deb walking in on Dexter, mid-ritual, he said the reveal marks “a very clear trajectory [for] the next two seasons and it’s going to help to write with that endgame in mind. There should be fundamentally different dynamics now that Deb [knows about Dex] and it’s going to ricochet."

Hey, I'm all for mixing up what has become a stale premise, so I'll go into season seven with an open mind. It's just... Deb loves Dexter... really?!?

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Good...i THINK incest will be good for Dexter, It MAKES things more interesting. Sure, People are all LIKE "Eww incest waaah!!" but i think they SECRETLY like it...They just want to FITT into society :)


All you bible worshipers need to ask yourself a grave question...why are you watching this show? Lol at yourselves your comments are ridiculous go watch something that doesn't entail these sort of unholy things. The show can go in whichever direction it chooses. I love it you don't write it so if you don't like it go watch something you do like or create your own show. How about that?


Re-watch the show from season 1, theres hints to the incest attraction right from the pilot episode. It's not nearly the big deal people are making out.


oh an btw is no one thinking about the repercussion of a sexual relationship this could have on everyone else around them! EVERYONE WOULD FREAKOUT AT WORK! Not to mention how this would screw up harrison. THATS WAY TOO WEIRD GUYS! And how are masuka and deb gonna end up together if she's with dex! lmao thats my dream couple.


i think its not about debra pursuing a relationship with dexter but about addressing her problems with men which begin with dexter. I doubt she actually wanted to be with him. she said it herself. thats gross! even if they arent blood related. but she does want a guy like dex. who wouldn't honestly. to her she sees him as a kind, funny, smart, guy who loved his wife and kids very much. thats the kinda guy everyone wants and especially since she found out that her dad is a cheat scumbag she would aim for the next model male in her life which is Dexter.


i think that season 7 would be more exciting and challenging for dexter.


Chels john--Season 1 followed the books. After that the show has gone it's own way. Villainous--The show will start again in the fall, usually sometime in lSeptember.


Does anyone know this is a book series? And most follows the books


Rickory, I too, am a christian and for the record I totally agree, REB should probably find another show too watch. Geez. Anyway, I sure hope the writing for Dexter doesn't go down hill into the obvious like every other show. Seems like, ok, Deb's discovered him and even if she chalks it up to a one time thing, she'll eventually figure out the truth. Thus, starting an internal war of how much she loves Dex vs. how much she just wants to be a good cop. In the end, she'll have to kill him and you'll hear dexters voice over about how she did what she had to do ..... World a better place .... Harrison better off..... Yada frickin yada.


First off. Everyone here seems to think that Dexter and Deb are going to get together. The show and the producers have said nothing of the sort. They just said she's finally admited to herself that she is in love with him, not that they're going to do the do. Secondly, by allowing her to see him in action it gives Deb something else to focus on rather than telling her brother of her desires for him. What I want to know is how are going to pull of Deb seeing her brother kill the DDK in the same style as the BHB. And what she's going to reveal to the rest of the cast? I can see Dex freaking out more about being discovered than Deb and there's no indication that Dex does this all the time, just that he did it once, so at the start she can chalk it all down to a psychotic break, a brother taking it to far to protect his family. It seems like a lot of the fans are the ones wanting them to actually hook up so they have something to complain about.

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