Dexter Season 7 to Feature "Different Dynamics," Showtime President Promises

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Note: I will remain as calm as possible while recapping Showtime President David Nevins' panel today at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, as he delved in to the two major developments from season six of Dexter and, well, I made it very clear how I felt about those in my review of the finale.

Dex in the Lab

Of Deb's realization that she loves Dexter, he said: “I’m aware that there’s a certain taboo despite fact that they’re not genetically related, but [this is] something that has been building over a number of yearss" and it's "an idea that’s informed how [the writers have] done this show for a long time."

Of Deb walking in on Dexter, mid-ritual, he said the reveal marks “a very clear trajectory [for] the next two seasons and it’s going to help to write with that endgame in mind. There should be fundamentally different dynamics now that Deb [knows about Dex] and it’s going to ricochet."

Hey, I'm all for mixing up what has become a stale premise, so I'll go into season seven with an open mind. It's just... Deb loves Dexter... really?!?

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It's ok if they get together. That might be the only way he can keep her quiet...she does have a big foul mouth. LUV HER! Another thing is Michael C. Hall is getting tired of playing Dexter. They can't continue w/o him. He was/is perfect! I kind of hope he changes his mind tho I know Dexter can't go on forever.


I agree with Jereth, Dexter could not love Deb back. BUT in one episode Dex does say if he could have feelings he would have them for Deb. That would be weird. The people who play Dex & Deb get together on screen after divorcing? Huh?


I think Deb and Dex having a sexual relationship is a great idea. I don't see what's so gross about it at all. They're NOT RELATED BY BLOOD. I mean, what is grosser; Dexter cutting up human bodies into pieces and dumping them in the ocean or Dex and Deb getting together???? Seriously people, stop being so self-righteous and feigning shock. Instead revisit the lessons ur parents taught you when you were kids. Killing people = BAD.
Loving another person = GOOD


I am adopted and have known my whole life. In no way shape or form would I have a relationship with my sister. Even though we are not blood related. That is disgusting! So no! No way Dexter and Deb are going to have a relationship!


I beleive that Dexter and Deb should have a relationship because how is she going to keep the secret. Keep it in the family.


I am sure that Dexter loves Deb but he is terrified that she might know the truth about him. He is a psycopath and hiding this fact is his top priority he does not even dare talk to her about important things. But now that Deb found out his secret and may even accept him and they can talk freely now about anything and their future cooperation will require a strong commitment to each other.


I agree with Jereth, I don't think Dexter could love Deb in that way...still, this is GROSS!


I don't see anything wrong with the Deb/ Dexter relationship. They aren't blood relatives and if you look at Debs past relationships they all are leading up to him anyway- her love does make sense. She either dates men that are like Dexter (Lundy, Brian) or men that are opposite of him (Quin and Anton) and she seems to purposefully sabotage those relationships.
I also think its amusing that so many people find this "incestuous" plot line immoral, considering the basis of the show is about a serial killer.


Hey! sometimes brothers and sisters get in love, it happens, we don't see it, but happens anyway. This is a show that want to question morality, we are cool with the fact that Dexter is a Killer, but not cool with the fact that siblings can be romantically in love...
How the writers arranged these events.. well a bit rushed IMHO, but that happens a lot on tv shows I think...


Debra is kinda having fucked up relationships from the beginning. But Dexter never feel that kinda thing about deb..

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