Fox TCA Rundown: No Glee Spin-Off; Renewals for Fringe, Terra Nova, House?

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Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly was at the center of a barrage of questions from reporters today, as he took the stage at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

How will Glee handle season four? Will there be a Fringe season five? Read on for answers to these questions and more...

Rachel in the Choir Room

Glee will graduate its seniors. However, "there will not be a Glee spinoff,” Reilly said. “But those characters will graduate and it’s led to a very interesting idea that I think is going to really give us something cool to dig into next season.”

Reilly confirmed Lea Michele would be back, but wouldn't commit to Chris Colfer, simply adding that the expanded ideas for season four are "cool" and "different" and, ultimately, "a good thing for the show."

Will House conclude this season? Reilly has not yet met with creator David Shore, but plans to soon and said: "It [is] going to be a close call."

A decision will also be made soon on Terra Nova, which Reilly acknowledged "was hunting for itself creatively through the season." The show would need to go into production within the month if it is picked up.

As for Fringe, Reilly was blunt in his assessment of a fifth season: "We lose a lot of money on the show. At that rating, on [Friday] night, its impossible to make money. We’re not in the business of losing money... [But] I’m not doing the soft cancel here. That’s another decision we will have to make."

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While all this attention to Glee is touching - the show is bad. FOX needs the complexity of Fringe to make the FOX line-up interesting. Walter, Peter, and Olivia have a lot more for us to discover. Keep Fringe!! I don't consider myself a Sci-Fi fan - but Fringe is one of the most interesting shows on TV right now.


TN previews caught my eye last year. I have not missed an episode since. Hopefully it will be renewed and season one goes to DVD. I will be happy to add it to my collection. If FOX decides to not renew the show, I hope they replace it with something better (hard to imagine but possible).


I really think that they should renew Terra Nova. Its an amazing show and so action packed!!! I love it and I will be very disappointed if it is cancelled. I have gotten all my friends hooked on Terra Nova. Also they can't end it they way they did, they left to many questions unanswered. BTW love Maddy & Mark huge fan!!!!


Find a way to make Fringe work!! You can't really expect any series to have great numbers on a Friday night. I've watched from day one and really want to see the story continue. Terra Nova is cute, but if you can cut it and keep Fringe, you'd make a lot of sci-fi fans happy.


TN is too expensive. Maybe they can cut some costs there. Cancel Glee and continue with Fringe and TN (with serious changes).


Well if they want to get rid of a character they could get rid of Finn (not that I want him to leave). In the 2012 premier episode Finn announces he wants to join the army after he graduates so that could be a good exit for his charter if they want to use it.


No, no no no no no no no! Chris Colfer 100% absolutely HAS to stay on Glee! He's, like, the main reason I watch it! He is irreplaceable and Glee just won't be as good if he's not there.


Cancel TN, renew Fringe. TN is too expensive for it's crappiness.


AMEN MatthewM...I'm right along with you! Fox pisses me off! All these other ridiculous shows stay on forever & when there is finally the most amazingly unpredictable brilliant show EVER on TV with fans WORLDWIDE with an infinite amount of social sites & all you ever hear about is cancellation. I say FX or another network that appreciates the fan base & all of the constant work from the fans to promote & advertise this awesome show needs to take it from Fox & tell them where to stick it. I have never been one to get involved this much with a show until Fringe came along & it is amazing how not only brilliant the creators are but also the cast! You can't have one without the other & they have all of it & Fox just doesn't appreciate it! MOVE IT FOX & give it the amount of credit it WELL DESERVES!!


I think that Reilly should renew Terra Nova. This show is appealing to viewers of all ages.Even a good show for the whole family to watch. You have drama for the mom and your teenage daughter, dinosaurs for the child that loves them and then just pure entertainment for the dad and the rest of the family.Terra Nova personally is my favourite T.V show. It may not have as high viewers as people expected but that could be because it airs on Mondays and conflicts with Monday night football on NBC. Plus if you end the series there are to many loose ends to just end it. Where did Lucas's body go? How did that ship stern end up in the badlands? How will the colonists cope with being cut off from the future? I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I would be very disappointed if Terra Nova got cancelled. By the way I think that the Bermuda Triangle has something to do with it

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