Fringe Review: Why Did God Make Me Like This?

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Remember all the fear that this season was too slow and didn't contain the characters we had grown to love? "Forced Perspective" changed yours a bit, didn't it?

Walter was back making silly quips and playing in the lab, something we haven't really experienced for a long time. Everything started falling into place for this to be Peter's world. It was difficult to remember that during the fall when baseball and a myriad of other things kept the momentum down. Not any more.

Reaction from Olivia

When she first drew the picture of the skewered man, I thought it would be kind of cool to have such a gift. That was until she spoke with her dad and she asked him why God made her that way. Their entire family was constantly uprooted to hide her secret. I suppose it wasn't such a gift after all. It was admirable that she tried to find each victim and warn them. What a great responsibility for a teenage girl.

Was anyone else taken by surprise to find they were on the run from Massive Dynamic? When we first encountered the giant corporation years ago, our first thought was that it was unscrupulous. Now it appears the company is exactly who we thought it was in this Peter-less world. Olivia's relationship with Nina gave her the power to talk to her without restraint. How refreshing! Unfortunately, we all know she's still abusing Olivia. God help her when Liv finds out.

How great was it to see Peter and Walter together again? Walter didn't seem lost when he was working with the man who could be his son. Yes, I still believe Peter is his son. Fringe will try to prove me wrong, I am well aware of that, but my Magic 8 ball says the signs point to yes.

Slowly, each member of Fringe Division is gaining trust in Peter, just as they did when he was first found in the Middle East, except now he actually has knowledge they can use. Personality, maturity, charisma and expertise will be a combination that is difficult to dismiss.

"Forced Perspective" was a detour off of the much-wanted beeline to the heart of where in the heck Peter is right now, but it actually did a lot to move the story forward. Seeing the team and its natural fit was very important to a lot of skeptical viewers who want Peter to get back to his people.

If that doesn't happen, I think this will help in the acceptance of what could be one of many possible outcomes. If there is one thing that we learned during the hour, there is no definitive answer to anything.

The one thing I'm finding annoying is that Olivia never stopped to realize she could be over thinking the whole premonition of her death. Instead of weaving her way around the straight line, just follow it. We're all going to die. Then again, I wasn't raised by Nina.

I noted in our recent Round Table that I thought she might be giving migraines to Olivia to gain her trust to give her a medication that might change her to shapeshifter. To end the episode with her off the cuff remark about sending over a new medication didn't give me the warm fuzzies.

Once again, the conclusion only made me wish time would speed up so I can get to the next episode. Isn't that exactly what every program wants? Share your thoughts of the episode and the questions raised in the comments!


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I'm re-watching this season, and I loved this episode, but that's because of the character development of Dunham's and Broyles's characters. And doing some nip-ticking, look at the scene around minute 21.45, when Walter, Olivia, Astrid and Peter are in the lab with Emily...(Emily: That's not how it works, these images I see, they're like dreams. At first they're vivid, but they fade...) HERE...Joshua Jackson is falling asleep!, FTW! LOL...


yeah, right. An observer appeared who had been shot, to tell her she was going to die just like everyone else has to. it's quite obvious there's more to it than that.


This episode didn't do much for me, unfortunatley. The last couple of episodes have been really great, so this episode was a big stepdown. It did feel abit more familiar though, in that we had Peter and Walter working together again in the lab with Astrid. We had a lovely conversation between Peter and Olivia at the end plus good scenes between Olivia and Broyles once again. Otherwise the episode was just meh.


With these series I have found that they build up the suspense and then they go completely astray with everyday fringe cases. So I am not hoping to see if she is gonna die anytime soon. There are so many variables that this could go on forever depending on watchability. However, the question about the German with his shapeshifters still stands, maybe the German v M Dynamic v Bold-men in hats v Olivia v general badmen in at least two universes.
How about Nina, she has deleted everyone's minds about peter and installed Olivia's memory of her living together so she can gain her trust. It's all about Olivia in MDs plan that's why she has to die, to stop them... ?


Olivia HAS to die, that is a difference from we all will die someday, otherwise why would Broyles be concerned?
I loved this episode, for what it did with what I hope will be the center storyline soon, namely Olivia and her past.
BTW not everyone is waiting for him to get home, and he already is there.
it is not a physical thing.
Anna and Blair have such fantastic chemistry that they manage to show us their relationship without the endless WalterWalternate/Peter/Elisabeth scenes, that is what I call great acting, Shoing . not Telling like we have from the Walters & co.
Loved seeing Broyles back caring for Olivia, last time was midseason 3, Anna and Lance are so great together.
I hope the Olivia verus Nina will be an equal thing, not Olivia as a victim, and I sensed that Olivia does not trust Nina, why the FBI doctor and the look at the end.
Anna Torv amazing, in every little scene, multiple emotions in a few secs.


Fringe needs a Precog with abilities to find a future existence! Last night was the ink running dry. 1.3 The Ghost Network 2.0 was just boring.


I have a very different reading of what's going on, which makes this episode one of the most important of the season. I think olivia IS the why all this hoopla is happening. I really think that Nina is actually being motherly in giving the shots to Olivia that are actually keeping Liv alive. (she is a candle who burns bright and fast!) The only reason she does it secretly is to prevent Olivia from reliving the traumatic childhood she has had as a lab rat.
I am not exactly sure how that ties in with Jones and his plans (whatever his motivations might be); but I still feel there is a lot that ties Olivia Peter and this co-universe to some outcome that all these seemingly evil characters might be trying to prevent. No matter the costs...

Uncle jackass

The only problem with a cortexiphan like drug being used on this Olivia was that the color of the drug was tinge blue whereas this drug was distinctly a reddish color. But agreed that this episode felt a 'back to basic' episode and it felt nice to get the gang back together.


The case was nothing special/seen it before though the girl was acted well. I do like that it feels like the old Fringe again. Speculation: Nina is trying to activate Liv's dimension-jumping ability. The major, regular migraines means that Liv's ready for a new cortexiphan-like drug.

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