Glee to Air Bee Gees Tribute Episode

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In April, members of New Directions will be come down with a case of Saturday Night Fever.

Indeed, they'll be Stayin Alive, Stayin Alive, as Glee creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed to TV Guide Magazine that an episode in honor of The Bee Gees is on tap for this spring.

"We've never done disco on the show," Murphy tells William Keck, adding that his fantasy is to recruit John Travolta for a cameo because the Saturday Night Fever star and Cory Monteith are friends. "Maybe we'll have them dance in a Finn dream sequence."

Glee will also be airing a tribute to Michael Jackson in the very near future, and returns tomorrow night with its first new episode of 2012.

Are you excited for The Bee Gees?


By the way, I hope they're singing my most favorite Michael era songs- '87-'88- the BAD era. I love all eras of Michael but I REALLY love the late '80s when his hair was long and curly. Just imagine how crazy I went when I saw him on This Is It. I did not see a 50-year-old man. I saw a 30-year-old. Smooth Criminal is my favorite video. Nothing can beat that blue and white suit. And I can never get enough of that sexy Come Together performance from Moonwalker. Beautiful.


I've never watched Glee before. And for the first time, I will this Tuesday because of the Michael Jackson episode. (I saw the commercial.) I LOVE MJ, since childhood (age 28 now). I also love the Bee Gees, Beatles, Carpenters. All the legends. I hope American Idol does a Carpenters and Jackie Wilson tribute week. Watching the Glee MJ episode might just turn me into a Glee fan. We'll see. I love anything MJ. [smooches to MJ] : ) Forever alive in my heart.


Why hasn't Glee done a Taylor Swift song? That just seems so odd to me. & I still want Santana to do a Shakira song :)


I want some Ace of Base on Glee!!


Promises are made to be broken. Murphy is good at that. Besides, didn't Sir Paul McCartney say he was willing for Glee to do some songs? Well, then we hear about Michael tribute with some songs reserved for next season. Then The BeeGees who are so cool will have one too. I grew up lislening to them and Michael and The Beatles. I figure toward the end of s3 Glee would do The Beatles. Now the BeeGees mixed in. Well, as much as I love all the artists I amazed by the Murphy's decision to do more than one tribute this season.


Yep, he sure did.


Didn't Ryan Murphy say he'd do no tribute episodes this season?

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