Gossip Girl Canadian Promo: "The End of the Affair"

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Finally, a new promo for next week's Gossip Girl, the first of 2012.

The original Gossip Girl promo airing after the midseason finale shows Blair distraught and Chuck fighting for his life. This new version is basically the same, but does contain some different snippets. Better than nothing!

Check out the Canadian trailer for "The End of the Affair" here ...

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I love chuck bass!!
He deserves happiness as much as Blair. Bin Blair and get yourself someone who doesn't change her mind like the wind


I really hope the title of this episode holds true for Chuck and Blair, and this will be the end of them for good. I don't think I can take any more of their tired games.


Does anyone know the song/ music of this "The End of the Affair" canadian promo? It is the same song of Gossip girl "Riding in Town Cars With Boys" canadian promo too. I wanna know so badly. Much appreciated!


Well... The important thing here is that we know Chuck survived the accident with his memory, eyesight, arms and legs intact... As long as he's ok he will never stop fighting for Blair and Blair will always go back to him... So it will be alright:)


@tiff that's is exactly what I was thinking as well.

Still love chuck

Blair's actions make no sense; why would she still go through with her engagement/marriage to Louis when she clearly is in love with Chuck? Blair is so tortured and poor Chuck... this storyline is very frustrating right now... Still plan on watching though, lol...


Seeing this clip with Chair I can't help but remember when Lionel threatened Lana to marry Lex or he would kill Clark. I really do think this is the same here with Blair, it's like she is being forced to marry Louis too.


Oh my word, poor Chuck, how devastating!!!! I agree, Blair will probably be threatened or something, it doesn't make any sense!!!!!!!!!


My theory; Someone is going to threaten to kill Chuck if Blair doesn't marry Louis..

Kimberly anne

Omg!! How come we don't actually see those dialogue in the last episode? They said their "I love you"s which is pretty epic for Chair. We should have seen that. And I think its ironic that this promo completely contradicts the US promo because the US one shows Chuck fighting for his life and that he may not make it and now this one goes further to show why Blair decided to continue with the wedding. I can't wait for it to come back. Chair all the way.

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