Grey's Anatomy Review: One Step At A Time

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One of the best things about Grey’s Anatomy is that it shows us cases that are so intriguing and heartfelt that you can’t change the channel. This is exactly what happened on the latest installment, "This Magic Moment."

The docs worked on a case of conjoined twins, while other drama continued around the hospital. What else is new, right? Time to discuss...

Anybody Got a Scalpel?

Separation. The big case this week involved conjoined twin girls. Richard snaking Alex’s procedures? So not cool. Alex has always been the underdog, but it's about time for him to shine. This man needs some confidence - and a lady - now.

Arizona being a crazy monster led to the short scene of Calzona that we have had since the show returned. These two keep it light and funny and have been more enjoyable to watch in recent episodes than previous seasons. 

The best part about this surgery? It got all the fifth years back in the gallery to complain about everyone else. It was pretty much awesome and they definitely don’t do this enough anymore. Some of the better scenes are those of all the residents together... being residents. 

Dr. C. Yang Pic

One Step At A Time. Ben and Bailey are back! The two have gotten back together and are definitely a much better fit than she was with Eli. You have to give it to Ben, the guy is funny. Meredith as the buffer between these two was perfect. Bailey was right; she did used to have the husband/baby/career and she lost it. Now Meredith has it, so let’s hope after all the stuff she has been through this will last. Having Meredith and Bailey work together now that the clinical trial mess has passed was fun. These two always play well off of each other and I wish they had more scenes together.

Bailey and Ben are super cute, though, and deserver their own official moniker. So let’s heart it, Grey’s fans. B Squared? The B Sharps? Hit up the Comments section with your suggestions!

Avery and Hunt

The Continuing Death. This was something I did not expect. It had been two weeks since Henry had died and Teddy was still having Cristina on repeat explaining the surgery. It made sense. The two most perfect, anal, focused heart surgeons are so alike. Teddy has never been high on my list of favorite characters, but her friendship with Cristina has really made me like her much more. 

Here is hoping these two can stand by each other, considering Teddy is now a widow and Cristina’s marriage is shaky at best.

Dr. C. Torres Pic

Side Notes

  • How awkward was the small scene between Lexie and Sloan? I felt so terrible for her, especially after she spent all day updating the parents instead of operating on the twins.
  • Meredith and Derek are the cutest parents ever! The video camera and Zola walking? Adorable.
  • Ellen Pompeo is totally on her game this season. My girl crush is rising, quickly.
  • Good for April for having a voice. I was getting a little tired of hearing the Henry Surgery on repeat too. 
Dr. A. Kepner Pic
So what did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you enjoy “This Magic Moment?" Grey’s Anatomy is producing a solid season so far and this episode, although not the best, was enjoyable and entertaining.
Sound off below and don’t forget to check back early next week for the official Grey’s Anatomy Round Table!


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@melissa I didn't mean the checking movement. I meant that they checked one and it was fine, then they try the other and it doesn't work, so they keep going higher. And one of the doctors is like come on! Just move a bit, and then of course it does. Except it was more suspenseful last time because Derek had that whole, the nerves are too delicate I can't do it. Pretty crappy writing


Benley!for B squared. Oh and I LOVE Ben! He rocks! I LOVE Meredith and McDreamy. And I'm even happier he isn't leaving the show. I loved the scene with Teddy and Cristina. I REALLY wish that whiny-voice chic would go away. Alex should be Chief Resident. The Chief stealing procedures from Alex...CLASSIC.


Their moniker should be Cash Cab, after the Emmy-Award winning game show host, Ben Bailey. Done and done. I love Greys and get so tired of all the haters. Yes, I also hated the George/Izzy story and the Callie/Arizona story was on waaaay too much, but it's one of the shows that I go to first on my DVR. It's like people automatically disrespect all tv shows after they start off so popular. Just because a show isn't the shiny, new thing anymore doesn't mean it still isn't great!


As usual, Grey's didn't let me down. The Christina/Teddy story line was a bit crazy. I didn't understand why she was putting Christina through the entire procedure over and over, it seemed so cruel, but when Teddy finally cracked was brilliant - heart wrenching as usual, but so good! The Bailey/Ben story line was good too, I agree he was really being pushy, but I think that's how you need to handle Bailey, she is always so in control, he puts her off balance, and she needs that in her romantic relationships - they are very watchable as he breaks her hard shell and she allows herself to be loved again. I didn't get why The Chief/Dr.Webber was being so cut throat with Alex - but no matter how you look at it, it did teach Alex to look out for himself, - it was certainly a different interaction between the two of them. Overall... Grey's was very entertaining and engaging... and I can't ask for more than that! :)


Other than the McFamily scenes, I thought that this episode fell short.


Are we really going to continue to see cutsie-pooh scenes about Zola? That will get me to change the channel. Give it rest with Mark and Lexie. Her whining drives me nuts and she needs to grow up. Having Mark with someone new is appropriate and will add new cast members for new story arcs.


The attendings play games with the residents when they're supposed to be teaching them. I disliked Webber's manovering to get in on the surgery, stupid excuse to say he's teaching Alex a lesson. Hated Bailey using Mer to avoid a converstion with her bf and then doing nothing but criticising Mer over the failed clinical trial. But there was some justice in the focused like a laser Bailey having the sponge under her shoe. I can see that Altman is needing to check out how her hubby died, but she looked at the notes and Cris told her too many times. Altman needs to let rip at Hunt over what he didn't do in delaying telling her


I found the ep rather dull.I hate that they had a 2wk jump.Has Owen even spoken to Teddy?I was waiting for that scene between these (former?)best friends.I still hate the fact that over the seasons the show has made it easy for us to forget that they were actually bff's.I get Teddy being anal but that repetition was too much and understood why Keppner lost it.Don' tknow if I could have kept doing that.Arizona drove me nuts.I've never cared for her and I honestly didn't need to see her being a pest.I felt for Lexie.I've done that before, held a convo with somebody not knowing they were actually talking in their bluetooth. I like Benley..but it also would have been nice to see when they offically got back together.It was just kind of a slow filler type of episode.


Boring episode. I just don't care about Teddy or Bailey at all, and the Mark/Lexi nonsense needs to stop. It's great to see Mark excited about a woman whose actually appropriate for him. Julia's a keeper. Agree that Richard was awful. Alex definitely needs something good to happen for him, career success and a love interest. And Bailey dragging Meredith into her personal life was so annoying. Aren't Richard, Teddy and Bailey supposed to be teaching the Residents something? Stupid, stupid behavior from all of the Attendings this week.


I wonder if we watched the same show... I didn't find it very enjoyable. Half the time I wanted to slap someone. Teddy for torturing Cristina, Arizona for being a nervous wreck in the OR, Bailey for ranting endlessly at Ben and Meredith, Ben for giving "all or nothing" ultimatums after two freaking weeks, Webber for being an ass to Alex... Did everyone go crazy, or what? One of the worst eps so far.

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