Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: All Hands on Deck

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This is no ordinary operation on Grey's Anatomy. When the Seattle Grace team sets out to separate conjoined twins, who also happen to be newborn babies, all the resources in the world may not be enough.

In this new sneak peek from "This Magic Moment," Owen outlines just how high the stakes are in this operation, telling his charges that they will devote everything they have and cannot accept failure.

He's a terrific motivator, but as you can see, complications arise early and often:

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I noticed Avery's cap switched from red to green and back to red several times during the surgery.


They put all their pro-bono dollars and resources into the surgery, so they probably couldn't afford enough head bands for everyone.


Why are there some surgeons who aren't in the red or green team?

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 11 Quotes

Our actions decide what kind of life they will lead.


Say you're in the OR. Repairing a vena cava. When suddenly everything goes to hell. So, you cut this, suture that, and soon that crappy situation is a thing of the past. Too bad you can't meet all of life's challenges with a surgical scalpel. I mean, you could try. But I'm pretty sure that would be considered assault.

Meredith Grey

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 11 Music

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Adaline sparks Sparks Adaline iTunes
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