Kim Kardashian Kast on Last Man Standing

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In case its lack of humor and originality weren't powerful enough reasons for you to ignore Last Man Standing...

The ABC sitcom has kast Kim Kardashian in an upkoming episode, as TV Line konfirms the reality star/two-time divorcee will appear in a February Sweeps installment in a wooden, personality-free role: herself.

Kim Kardashian Pic

Show sources say Mandy, one of Mike's daughters on the series, will run into Kim on the episode. It's unclear where or how.

Incredibly, this marks Kardashian's fourth foray into primetime television. She has also appeared on How I Met Your Mother, 90210 and CSI: NY.

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No it's no Emmy nominee but it's good parts outweigh its bad parts. The parents are the worst characters though. I'll admit that Stylistic Suck is a big part of why it's not horrible.


Wait... have you actually watched Last Man Standing? It's one of the more funnier and better sitcoms out there.


I have yet to see why the kardacian mob are on every news cast you see and ever book. What have any of them ever done. Bruce is only one to have ever done anything noteworthy and he is a footnote.


Ouch. Have you watched it? Maybe it's just me, but I love the show, although I really enjoy those short 20 minute sitcoms.