Leverage Review: A Double Prong Monkey Con

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Happy 2012 everyone!

When Nate and Latimer clashed last week and Nate threw down the gauntlet in the final few minutes, it looked like we were heading to a showdown between these two power players. What we got instead was "The Gold Job," which served as a lesson in video game creation when Hardison turned the “Marks” into “Players," using logic based on “Double Prong Monkey Con.”

On The Gold Job

As a gamer, I really enjoyed Hardison’s ability to turn a con into a live action video game. Did any other Portal fans catch that he named his voice activated computer "Glados?"

That said, I’m sure I’m not alone in my growing frustration with Leverage turning into the “Hardison Show.” Hardison is awesome as the tech-savvy geek, sure. But I don’t get why we need to see him try to do every role on the team, or get more screen time than any two other characters combined.  

I understand the team has grown closer and individuals want to fill in when needed in other roles, such as when Parker was getting grifting lessons from Sophie. I was behind Hardison learning how to defend himself from Eliot; it came in handy in the frat house when several guys jumped him. 

I also get him wanting to try his hand at leading a job, it’s natural in any profession to want to expand and grow your skills. What drove me near bat-crap crazy was the cocky attitude and the repeated pokes at Nate for how he runs a con. 

I’m hoping his job going bust on him and the feedback he got from Nate brought him down a peg and that Hardison will check his ego at the door next time Nate lets him lead a mission.

Isn't lesson number-one about doing a new job is to not be over confident? 

The heart-to-heart Nate and Hardison enjoyed at the end of the episode reminded us all why the former is the true leader. He's humble and he knows how to teach, encourage, and even pick up his team when it needs it. The letter Nate mailed to Hardison with the three steps to pull off the con was priceless.

Finally, I’m not sure if Voodoo Doughnuts sponsored this episode or if the product placement was there to make sure we knew they were in Portland (given their main locations are in Portland.) Either way, I have Parker to thank for craving their “The Loop” doughnut and being over 650 miles from the nearest one.   

Overall, it was a decent offering, though I was disappointed with the lack of Latimer; next week we have the return of Nate’s father (Tom Skerritt), who we have not seen in a good while. It will be interesting to see what mayhem he brings with him.


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Funny. I thought Hardison said Gladys but I did think it referenced Glados. Who noticed that the necklace was missing after Parker left them alone with the chest?! ( I went back to check) Mind blown! The letter was awesome. Mr. Punchy! Start with Plan G :]


Didn't have a prob. with Hardison's camera time. Maybe because I looked at it from another POV. I don't think the ep. was so much about focusing on Hardison (it could have been anyone in that role) as it was using Hardison to show what it takes to plan and execute a con, what could go wrong, and dealing with unforseen setbacks. Also, as Jim pointed out, we were able to appreciate what Nate must deal with during a job and to see why he is the consumate leader and mastermind. By having Hardison taking jabs at Nate throughout the ep., we were able to see that being the leader means making choices that might not make you popular with the crew, but that are necessary to get the job done. Hardison tried to be a kinder gentler version of Nate which made the crew happy but in the end the plan failed.


LOL Nate humble.love him but no.loved the dynamic between Nate&Hardison.it was a classic father/son dynamic."old school" vs"new school".Hardison's confidence,probably the spitting image of his mentor's. Hardison (Eliot) is the most underappreciated member.the one they rely on the most but take for granted. you have to be confident when no one else is giving you kudos.the beginning of this ep was fun.watching the team pull off a con w/o his help. I'd have watched that unfold for the full hr.this was a nice ep to coincide w/ The Scheherezade Job.I guess I sometimes wonder why it's so "problematic"when Hardison's character gets similar things to others. We came off a nice Sophie &NATE ep,&will move on to NATE and Eliot ep next wk.look forward to NATE'S father returning.suppose after that it'll be NATE&Latimer w/ some more hints of NATE&Sophie to cap the season off.


knew this ep would be criticized. didn't expect a showdown.The Gold Job was this yr's Ho Ho Ho Job the irrelevant ep before the continuation of the storyline goes down in the last 2 eps.don't mind that Hardison has had more time. I love him.love them all so it's not much to complain about when they choose to showcase 1 more.we've had seasons of Nate,that time frame when we had a lot of Sophie focus and her and Nate's relationship. I often wonder why there weren't any complaints then.shows with an emphasis on familial dynamics you see the true change and shift of all the characters through it's youngest person.Through Hardison you see Eliot coming to grips with letting his guard down and actually caring about other people. you see Parker's quest to become normal and deal with emotions and Nate coming to grips with his new makeshift family while slowly accepting the loss of his real one.


I'm fairly certain just about all the writers were new this season. And it's pretty evident in the writing. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks the feel of the show is off this year. I understand they're growing as a team, evolving into a tight family unit, but along the way the individual members have lost some of the bite and snarky comments from past seasons. They need to get back to that because I seriously miss it. Bring back the Leverage show that I grew to love so much. And, I know that it's highly unprobable, but I'd like to see some of the past writers take a stab as a guest writer now and then.


1sttime reading reviews but can't help but agree on overall storyline. This is not the Leverage of previous seasons...Did we change writers or are the stars requesting equal time...if it's the writers ... get the old ones back...if the actors...they had a real good thing going and should have accepted that we love each because of the character they represent.
Why do people always try to fix what isn't broke in the first place?

Childish gambino

"I’m sure I’m not alone in my growing frustration with Leverage turning into the “Hardison Show.�"
I really thought i was the only one feeling this way. I 100% agree with everything you said about hardison. As for the episode as a whole it was pretty much another episode in which the actual job took a back seat to the characters' stories, something that i dont particularly like and something that is happening a little too frequent for my taste

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Sophie: What con do you have in mind? The lazy dark son? What?
Hardison: Sophie, we're not going to run one of Nate's 18th century picturesque cons, no. We're going to run a brand new 21st century con and blow their mind.

Nate: How do I get to the uhh.
Hardison: Web Browser?
Nate: Yeah
Hardison: I dunno.