Michelle Trachtenberg to Stick Around Gossip Girl?

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Gossip Girl's recurring crazy girl will be making more than a one-off appearance this spring, according to reports. Look for Michelle Trachtenberg's Georgina Sparks to stick around awhile!

With much of the attention focused on the 100th episode January 30, and specifically whether Chuck and/or Dan will thwart Blair and Louis' impending nuptials, Evil G has been overlooked.

Not only does Georgina turn up and play a pivotal part in "G.G." (see photo, and use your imagination below), but she'll be sticking around beyond that, the show's executive producer says.

Bad Altar Girl

“The Valentine’s Day episode is very fun,” says Joshua Safran, teasing a lighter stretch ahead.

“Georgina Sparks - you can’t get more fun than that. She’s here for a long stretch and whenever she’s around it’s super fun. And then episode 16 also has a very, very, very fun event at its core."

"We’re trying to alleviate the tension and drama [in episode 100] with more fun [episodes].”

Monday's episode, "Father and the Bride," is the 12th installment of Season 5. The wedding takes place in Episode 13. How do you think Georgina will shake things up then, and potentially beyond?

Share your thoughts and predictions below!

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best news ive ever heard this season,
I dont get why CHIVY gets to be the regular and she doesn't fuck you Safran you suck big time


Right now I'd prefer that Gossip Girl focus exclusively on the lives of Georgina and Uncle Jack. It's at the point where I'd rather watch some clips of Georgina after the fact than have to endure any more of the crapfest that this show has become.

Uncle jackass

@jackie, to each their own. That said, I too wonder how a discussion about the return of Georgina became about Dair, Chair or other ships again. Must be a hazing thing...


I just want Serena and Dan to be together :( This Dair shit is pathetic.

Dr hollis

What I miss most is the fun. GG used to be a guilty pleasure for a lot of us because it was FUNNY. It hasn't been as fun, TBH, since season 2. This season is just angsty and dismal. I like seeing Georgina in the storylines because SHE always brings the fun even though she's twisted and all kinds of wrong. With Jenny, Vanessa, and Eric gone for good, I say bring Georgie back to town and let her wreak havoc. I would LOVE for her to talk to Blair about her pact with God... after all, she's got experience in that area!!!


@Dr. Hollis: 'Contrived, forced, and ridiculous' sums up Gossip Girl and everything that's wrong about this series. The problem is that it's become all about the shipping, the storylines are terrible, some of the characters lack development and are terribly regressing (ex. Blair). The writers don't know what they're doing so they dumped this horrible love triangle (Chuck/Blair/Louis) on us, and in the last episode, we got whiny Blair making a ridiculous vow to God. It's turned into a complete and utter joke.


I like Georgina since the time she said to blair on the phone " you can tell jesus the bitch is back" this was just amazing . She's my favorite bitch after little J , i miss her :(


I believe Georgina will be involved in Chuck's storyline.

Kimberly anne

YES!!! PLEASE LET GEORGINA STAY!!!! She is the type of villian/b**** that I love. Keep Ivy/Charlie out please!


In the picture she looks like she is cooking up a scheme. Can't wait for her to come back. And I agree with Dexter Idolizer about she being a series regular and with Dr. Hollis about not fighting on a thread which is not related to any ship (at all). I am bored even to come here now sometimes because of all the spam.

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