NBC Pilot Pickups Include Jason Ritter, Roseanne Barr and More

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NBC took a major leap into pilot pickup season yesterday, giving the green light to projects that include a drama for Jason Ritter, a sitcom for Roseanne Barr and a lot more. Read on for details regarding a number of potential new shows...

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County: From Parenthood producer Jason Katims, starring Jason Ritter as a doctor as a struggling hospital in Los Angeles.

Chicago Fire: Producer by Law & Order's Dick Wolf, a firefighter drama.

Downwardly Mobile: Featuring Roseanne Barr as the proprietor of a mobile home park.

Go On: A single-camera comedy that focuses on a sportscaster.

Animal Kingdom: Also a single-camera comedy, this one set in an office, that centers on a Gregory House-like veterinarian.

Friday Night Dinner: Another single-camera comedy from The Office producer Greg Daniels that is based on a British series and features a quirky family.

Sitcom from Jimmy Fallon: Produced by the talk show host and centering on three thirtysomething, immature male parents.

Next Caller Please: A single-camera gender comedy that stars a male radio DJ and his new co-host.

Daddy’s Girl: Sitcom about young woman whose father is dating her former rival from high school.

Not all of these programs will go beyond the pilot stage, but which leaves you most excited?

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The Jimmy Fallon show could be funny. I'm picturing Max and Penny from Happy Endings with kids. If it's that type of wacky humor then I'll watch. The Roseanne show could go either way.


I want Jason to stay on Parenthood, becuase this means he and Sarah wont last.


yawn... they should have given the green light to wonder woman instead of these dumb dumb shows. They should have asked miles millar or joss whedon to produce it instead of DEK.


I like Jason Ritter, therefore I'd watch him in County.


None of them.... BRING BACK COMMUNITY!!!


Chicago Fire sounds good to me, as I am a Dick Wolf fan.
County I will give a go, however, the whole "doctor" thing has been so overdone in TV these days that it gets boring after a while


None of them. I'm happy we have other stations to choose from.