Once Upon a Time Review: Blind Faith

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Hansel and Gretel wandered through the fairy tale forest this week, as "True North" focused on the plight of all of the Once Upon a Time orphans.

In one world, the Evil Queen was rocking some seriously cool outfits when she stumbled across this pair of iconic kids. The wayward children had lost their father and the queen was offering her help. We all know that's never a good thing, though.

Hansel and Gretel on Once Upon a Time

Hansel's darn lucky to have Gretel around or he'd be shish kabob. The queen was right. That girl's smart and spunky. 

The blind witch, meanwhile, was beyond creepy. I wished we'd gotten to spend a little more time with her, even though she might give me nightmares for the next month. I'm not sure I'll ever view butter or gravy the same way again.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma was scrambling to keep Ava and Nicholas out of the foster care system because apparently it didn't work out so well for her. She even went so far as to visit Mr. Gold who surprisingly asked for forgiveness in return for his help. She offered tolerance instead and he accepted pretty quickly. It made me wonder why he wanted to be back in Emma's good graces so badly.

As Emma struggled with her own long lost parent issues, Henry wanted to know about his biological father. I knew Emma was lying the moment she began the story. I half agreed with her that Henry shouldn't know the gory details. I doubt the real story was something she'd want to share with a 10-year old, but sooner or later the truth will come to light. One can only hope it won't be any time soon.

I loved that Emma finally shared Henry's theory about her being Snow White's (aka Mary Margaret's) orphaned child. Even though they don't believe in the curse now, I have to believe they will eventually. It will be fun to see if they start to view one another any differently from here on out.

It looked like the Evil Queen's issues followed her to Storybrooke. Neither she nor Regina could understand the concept of unconditional love. Of course, this is a woman who keeps a collection of hearts in boxes so...

Obviously, things are changing in Storybrooke. Hansel and Gretel found their happy ending. But will anyone else? And who is the new mysterious stranger?!? See what's in store for him now via this promo for next Sunday's new episode.


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creepy but awesome haha


me encanta esta serie


Interesting episode! Excited about the mysterious HOT stranger! But I...well I don't want him to be Emma's new love interest. BRING GRAHAM BACK! *sigh* The blind witch was ridiculously creepy! She reminded me a little of the witches from the movie Hocus Pocus except without the comedic element. I'm glad Emma shared Henry's theory about her being Snow White (Mary Margaret's) child and I can't wait to see how their relationship develops/changes. I love Henry and all the scenes he has with Emma. I think they have really great chemistry. :)


This episode is the second that presents a twist: Supposedly no one in Storybrooke gets a happy ending -- However, back in the fairytale world Hansel and Gretel are left hopelessly lost in the wood, separated from their father by the evil queen. Yet in Storybrooke, Emma is successful in reuniting the family, just as she was able to help Cinderalla keep her baby. This far the set up for the show is that Emma has been brought to Storybrooke by Henry to break the curse . . . But if everyone returns to the magical realm . . . well, at this point there are some who may not want to go . . . their situations are beginning to turn out for the better . . .


Liked Grettel. Morrison's acting was somewhat better. Liked that Emma shared Henry's theory that Mary Margaret is Emma's mom. Main plot is still slow going.


When the stranger first enter the screen, we get a glimpse of green traffic light? A clue maybe? Or maybe there's a fairytale when its character were able to transfer between worlds?


Final thought...all this speculation about the Stranger being Henry's dad is ridiculous. I'm pretty sure Emma would remember her time with that hot biker dude. It's the other characters that have amnesia, remember?


I gave the GRIMM'S FAIRY TALES book to my child for Christmas. It's an accurate translation of the original German edition, with nearly 3 times the number of stories that are usually found in the watered down "children's" versions. Really interesting stuff. In "Rumplestiltskin," the heroine is a MILLER's daughter (as in Regina MILLS) who is made to spin straw into gold or she will be killed. Just thought I'd throw that out there for possible discussion.


OMG...Alex Krycek, one-handed bad guy from THE X-FILES, is playing a DAD! And a hot dad, at that. *sniff* I cannot be getting that old.


Had to DVR this episode and finally watched it tonight....I really like this show and all the twist and turns to my favorite fairytales. Did anyone notice that the new stranger in town had the box the EQ put the apple H&G stole back for her on the back of his bike? I read all the comments and hoped Rumple's son had returned, but now I believe he may be one of EQ's black knights....she can't seem to get rid of Emma any other way...will he accomplish it for the Mayor/EQ? I love how Henry's love for Emma still manages to upset the Mayor, and, as sheriff, is gaining more and more Storybrooke people on her side, just don't them all to end up like Graham. Great review!

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Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Emma: What's your price?
Mr. Gold: Forgiveness.
Emma: How about tolerance?
Mr. Gold: That's a start.

Running from me is foolish. Foolish but also brave.

The Evil Queen