Sherlock Holmes in NYC: Coming to CBS!

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Move over, Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch. A new Sherlock Holmes will soon hit the air.

CBS has approved a pilot for Elementary, described by Deadline as a modern day retelling of the classic Arthur Conan Doyle character, this one set in New York City. Rob Doherty (Medium) penned the premiere and will serve as executive producer.

Sherlock Holmes Shadow

This begs one of the more intriguing questions of the fall season: Who should play this version of Sherlock Holmes?

Submit your ideal actor choices now!

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@Char - I meant to let also you know that one of the reasons this is so annoying is that the BBC show is already aired here in the US by PBS. Series 1 aired last year, I believe, and Series 2 airs this May. This is one of the reasons this feels so wrong. If you haven't seen it yet, really do - it's unbelievably good.


Who should play him? Why Benedict Cumberbatch, of course - he would be perfect - Ohhh he already does - and the series is unbelievably good. Everyone should just watch the BBC/PBS version on Amazon and on PBS, when Season 2 airs this May. Then ask yourself why in the world anyone would attempt another one. I am a dedicated Sherlock Holmes fan in nearly all forms so far, but probably won't watch this one - something about putting this out there right now feels wrong - it makes it difficult for me to stomach or support. Please, PBS, do a better job marketing your shows!


I'm glad someone mentioned BBC's version. They should just find a way to syndicate it or whatever, like PBS does with Downton.


Such a dumb idea. Bbc's Sherlock is awesome and trying to copy that is going to be really hard. I hope that this doesn't start a "Sherlock-mania", like it happened with vampires. This is why we can't have good things.


You know what we used to call this in high school? Plagiarism. I know US entertainment industry is strapped for original ideas, but this is utterly pathetic.

Avatar They gave the thumbs-down (somebody did) to the Poe series, which sounded intriguing--why give the yes to this one?? Only because they are just jumping on the UK bandwagon and the success of THEIR Sherlock series (which is awesome, btw!) UGGGGH.


Who should play Sherlock Holmes? Benedict Cumberbatch. Oh, yeah, I forgot. This is the hideous rip-off that's trying to push him aside. In that case, no one.


Let me guess this will replace CSI NY if they decide to not renew it