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When we left off on Switched at Birth, Daphne promised that she wasn't going to give up on Emmett. In "Starry Night," meanwhile, she made good on that promise when she crawled into his tent at East/West fest.

Emmett is a pretty honorable guy, so he was slightly angry when he woke up to Daphne in his tent. While I'm sure she really did want to talk to her best friend about stuff with her dad, I still feel as if part of her made the trip for romantic reasons. 

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When somebody is super defensive it usually means part of the accusation is true. So when Toby called Daphne out for crawling into Emmett's tent, I think he was in the right. Daphne may not be the kind of girl to sleep with another guy's boyfriend but she will (and did) kiss him. Remember the car wash?

My view towards the whole awkward love triangle softened a bit after that scene at the dock. It's definitely hard not to have the one person you always leaned on. Plus, Wilkie breathes fresh air into heavy scenes and I adore his character. I think we all know that Daphne and Wilkie have the potential to become a couple.

Did anyone else catch the Twilight reference when Wilkie pretended Emmett was named Edward? I know I chuckled.

As always, things just take time. It will take time for their relationship to develop, just as it will take time for Bay to understand Emmett's rules. Bay needs to slow down with Angelo, though. Sure, he seems sincere in missing Regina and wanting to get to know Bay, but he's completely overlooking Daphne and that's just distasteful. After all, she was his daughter.

Angelo did bring one good thing with him, (besides his looks): the nurse who was working the nightshift is going to be a huge asset to John and Kathryn's lawsuit. While I'm still shady on Angelo's intentions, I do believe the nurse's story.

How about all of you? Who do you believe? Did the return of Switched at Birth live up to your expectations? 


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That being said, I think Angelo has some financial dealings that might be shady. That hotel scene where he says his name is "Adam" on the credit card stuck out in my mind as strange. Also Regina's mom hates Angelo and she's pretty level headed, so I'm wondering what else happened that we don't know.Bay has done some things that weren't nice either but she's always the one coming to Daphne to apologize and make peace. Daphne is just angry all the time. Bay has been right on several counts about warning Daphne but she doesn't want to listen. She warned her about the poker, that goes awry but then Daphne is cool with Toby and Wilkie making fake IDs which can get them in soooo much more trouble than a suspension at school. She also tried to warn her about her father being pushy, Daphne took it as Bay trying to stop her from knowing him. Now Bay has warned her off of Simone, which clearly is turning out to be valid as well. Honestly, if I were Bay, I'd give up too.


Angelo left because he thought Regina was sleeping around on him and that she had knowingly forced him to raise another man's baby. Clearly that was the issue, not her being deaf, like Regina led Daphne to believe. He owed Daphne an apology but he never considered her his daughter, he always knew that she wasn't his and he couldn't shake that. Now he finds out that he has this daughter that was kept from him, so of course he wants to get to know her. She is his daughter. Its understandable why Daphne would be hurt but its mainly because she believes that he abandoned her because of her disability not because of the mistrust between Regina and Angelo.


Daphne is being a bit selfish though in this case. Bay didn't actually want her to break up with Liam, she was just venting. After all, how would you feel if you weren't even included on your own family photo? Instead she had been replaced, of course she lashed out at Daphne. Daphne has had PLENTY of time to get to know her birth parents meanwhile Regina is too busy worrying about Daphne that she has made little effort to bond with Bay.


I think that all the characters do things that we dont like, which is why I love this show. They are human. Sometimes we root for one character and other times we don't. I understand why Daphne would be so angry, but I see Bay's side too. She really likes Emmett but everyone saw him with Daphne. Everyone was shocked when they got together, calling him "Daphne's Emmett". The relationship between Daphne and Emmett was unhealthy on both sides. Like when Daphne get's in a jam she calls Emmett instead of dealing with it herself and Emmett never had to be friends with hearing people because he had Daphne when both hearing and deaf people shouldn't put those kinds of limitations on themselves. Because Bay is dating Emmett she actually has to take time to consider another person's feelings when often she can be insensitive.


Ahhhhhh I love this.show! Emmett played by Sean.berdy has this look to.him.that me.and my friends find tottallly attractive! But its.like.before u watch the.show u think he's average after watching.it.emmet is.like... Just hot! Anyonr agree oh and his eyes!!!! Sorry I'm.obsessed haha anyways bay and emmet are perfect for eachother daphne is really getting on my nerves because honestly she had FOREVER to realise her feelings for emmet and when she.did well.it was a lil to late :) but overall I enjoy this.show a.lot the plot of it just inspires me... Since watching.this.show.I've learned to.sign a lot.of words and culd.have a basic convo with a deaf person which is amazing!! I have a new DEEEP respect for the deaf and their culture ps. People who.think deaf is "death" really irritate.me. its DEAF! get it right peoples!!


I really like dephen i mean this is the girl who gave liam up for bay to be happy and bay could do was to take everything from her.bay is really selfish,hope she breakup with emenett.if this doesn't happen i hope dephne finds love with wilki.


This episode was okay. Daphne was so annoying, Bay is my favorite so far and now that things are looking a little bit better for her Daphne has to ruin it, especially by trying to get with Emmett , it's so annoying


Getting so tired of Daphne and her brattines. From the start sha was the one that got all the attention from all three parents and when Regina revealed that she'd known about the switch for years she told everybody that Angelo left because he took a paternity test when the girls were little and thought Regina cheated so why is it so strange that he is more focust on Bay?


I totally disagree with you on the whole Bay thing. I feel like the show is always focused on Bay, what Bay wants, what Bay doesn't want her snarky attitude towards everyone and her ridiculous need to have everything that is Daphne's. I kinda feel like Daphne has a right to be so upset, her father (Angelo) keeps inviting Bay out and trying to get to know her but completely ignoring Daphne, Regina is trying harder with Bay and paying less attention to Daphne, and both Toby and Emmet are on Bay's side (last night's episode when Toby say's "I have to look out for Bay she's my little sister" OUCH that had to have hurt Daphne) I wish the show would focus a bit more on Daphne and make Bay grow up, I'm really tired of her attitude.


@Caitlin Emmett is number one.My favorite character.I have a like/dislike relationship with Wilke. John's an ass.Toby's a user.Katherine is a snob.Regina's witchy and secretive both her and Katherine are too judgmental.Daphne has gotten to bratty to be tolerable and Bay is just...lost.But as much as they great majority of them get on my nerves it makes them so human and real.

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