Switched at Birth Review: Getting To Know You

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C'mon guys, planking is so five minutes ago! Nevertheless, I love when Emmett and Bay do artsy, creative projects together. However, that might have been the only pleasant thing that happened during "The Tempest."

Heretofore, we've seen a lot of the struggles for a deaf person to acclimate to a hearing situation, but tonight we got the reverse. Bay tried so hard with Melody and Melody didn't give her an inch to work with. I understand being protective of your child, but for once I actually felt bad for Bay.

A Game of Monopoly

Can you imagine accidentally speaking to your boyfriend's mother about circumcision? Talk about an awkward meet the parents moment! Even Regina, who is best friends with Melody, agreed that Bay deserved an apology. The poor girl was completely embarrassed. 

Another person who was embarrassed and definitely hurt was Wilkie. I could see the chemistry between him and Daphne and I think Daphne is denying it to herself. She may love Emmett because it's what she's known her whole life, but I don't believe that she has no feelings for Wilkie.

However, his comment about Daphne's type being "deaf and into Bay" was way harsh. Bitterness isn't a good look on anyone. Daphne is just trying to figure things out for herself, like any other teenager.

Her new friend Simone might not be the best influence, but I think she made the right move with the basketball team. If it's something she's passionate about, why shouldn't she pursue the best options possible? I would say the same to Kathryn. I think she should pursue the book. Letting someone else tell their story would be a mistake.

Nobody's night took a worse turn than Emmett's did. What could he possibly be getting arrested for? I guess we'll have to wait for next week as we all know how much ABC Family loves its little cliffhangers!


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it better! My heart also hurts for these moemims, and I have been the same exact way with my little ones today! God bless those moemims and I will continue to think of them and pray for god to help ease their pain... a pain I wouldnt wish upon anyone.I have tried to just sit back and take it all in and just be thankful to know that I have truly been so blessed.Angel (WTE April 09)


I was thinking that Emmett's arrest was from the night he helped Bay with her picture that she tags everywhere. Remember when Emmett's mom found his bloody shirt? That was when they were running from the cops.


I wonder if Emmetts' arrest had anything to do with Simone not paying the bar bill, though how the two events are connected I have no idea. Oh,I just thought it must be the fake ID's. Someone must have told the police that it was Emmett that made them.


i was literally scared for Emmette when the cops showed up at the end. WHAT THE HELL!? WHAT DID HE DO!? THEY CAN'T TAKE HIM AWAY!!! He's too cute to be in jail! >.

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People like this kind of true-life horror story with a happy ending.


Wow heels and an apron, how "Mad Men" of you mom!

Bay [to Kathryn]