The CW Nearing Deal for Green Arrow Pilot

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The Green Arrow is about to load up his bow once again on The CW.

Deadline reports that the network is close to finalizing a deal for a pilot from producers Andrew Kreisberg (Fringe, The Vampire Diaries), Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim, the latter two of whom wrote last summer's The Green Lantern.

The Green Arrow

The series would reportedly set The Green Arrow in a new world, with a story NOT based on the DC comic books, which premiered in 1941.

Justin Hartley, of course, portrayed this character for years on Smallville. The project is not centered on his participation, but it would be strange to see another actor fill the role on The CW, wouldn't it?


I can't imagine anybody else playing Green Arrow but Justin Hartley. He is Green Arrow. I was excited when I first heard about a pilot of Green Arrow, but I would have liked a Justice League series, but then you would've had to have Chloe or it would be a no go for me. I can't see Oliver without Chloe either. On second thought, I think I'll just stay away from this whole thing all together. I'll just watch reruns of Smallville!


I like Justin Harley, but I think he overgrow the role of Green Arrow!
I would love for Matt from VD, to play GA he is at least blond enough and useless enough in the VD! It all depends what story and cast they will pick!


all this is good, but the 2 people WHO WROTE GREEN LANTERN? Which studio exec thinks that is a good idea?


Honestly? I can't see it airing on the same network with a different actor playing the character. It's either Justin Hartley or no one. Which if they did centre it around the Green Arrow from Smallville, it would have to take time after the massive time jump in the finale or right before the finale before he and Chloe had a son. Which then Allison Mack would have to appear.
However, I think it would be smart if they did a prequel before Smallville. Set it up as the year he was going to become the Green Arrow. So at least 12-15 years before Smallville. That's enough time for a series to run, as well as avoiding a debacle amongst Smallville fans (such as myself) from tuning in.


If your going to do Green Arrow it just makes sense right now to stick with Justin Hartley.


Ooh I forgot all about justin hartley..he was a good look..hopefully he signs on for this just so I can see him again

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Uhh...considering how Smallville turned out....not too sure of it being a good idea.