The Good Wife Review: Fishing for Dirt

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Who knew fishing expeditions could have such unwanted consequences?

On the latest installment of The Good Wife, "Another Ham Sandwich," Wendy Scott-Carr chose not to cut bait in the face of overwhelming evidence that her case against Will would not lead to an indictment, while Eli should never have cast his line in the direction of Stacie Hall in the first place.

It was a quality episode, filled with a couple significant developments that should play key roles going forward, but a couple ways in which storylines were wrapped up left me asking: WTF? What the Fish, of course...

Spying Eli

First, there was the quick and tidy way the grand jury arrived at its decision. Who is this Peter person? Really, random grand jury women?!? He was referred to as the State's Attorney every time he was mentioned in testimony; and based on last season's extended election coverage, the show made the race for that office seems like a very public event in Chicago.

Similarly, another participant believed the real crime was some kind of cover-up between Peter and the judge, seemingly because the former's name simply was brought up often. For such a major storyline - would Will get indicted? Would he go to jail? Would his dalliance with Alicia be exposed? - the resolution felt awfully anti-climactic and rushed, left in the hands of total strangers.

Secondly, the Kalinda/Dana interactions have felt forced from the beginning. Both women have been clearly using one another, so why Dana would be shocked that Kalinda doctored that file? To the point she'd slap her in public when prompted? It was an odd scene and an even odder reaction.

Wow, the known-to-be-flirty-when-it-furthers-her-own-cause private investigator pulled one over on you to protect her boss? The unexpected horror!

This tampering of the file by Kalinda was a predictable maneuver, but it was still enjoyable to watch Will confidently, calmly destroy Wendy's "evidence" on the stand.

Will Wendy really follow up with the bar association now?* I hope not. The judicial bribery charges have been played out from a storyline perspective. Has Will used his basketball games to curry favor? Is he completely innocent of all these allegations? I'd prefer for the case to now be dropped and for these answers to remain ambiguous.

Elsewhere, great, great scene between Peter and Alicia in the latter's kitchen. The Good Wife is judicious in how often it puts these two together, and for great reason. This way, when they do interact, there's always a sense of tension boiling just beneath the surface. They've been on good terms for awhile now... but not really. They're separated... but not in the eyes of the public. Peter knows about Will... but it's never been outwardly discussed, until his blowup of a line here.

Of course that's what this is about! The entire exchange was both subtle and direct at the same time. I loved it.

As for Eli and Stacie? They're fun together. Eli still feels separate from the rest of the show, however, like the writers just give him stories here and there because, come on, everyone loves Eli Gold. And it's true, we do. But I look forward to Peter one day running for governor, to Eli representing him and for his time each week to feel more related to other characters and events.

That said, point David Lee. Well played, sir. I do enjoy the adversarial relationship this pair has developed.

So as Alicia takes her kids on vacation, The Good Wife will once again also be on hiatus for a bit. That gives us time to debate: Were you happy with the way Will's case played out? Do you want to see more of Stacie Hall? Should Alicia just tell her kids about Will? And did you find this episode fishin awesome, or just okay?

* My question is answered in this promo for the next new episode, scheduled to air on February 19.

** The "Here I Go Again" cover that concluded the episode was sang by Audra Mae and you can purchase it via TV Fanatic HERE.


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I like the way WSC went after Will, he needs to be taken down along with his backstabbing partners Dianne and Lee.
Can't wait till next episode when Will gets slammed by the review board and suspended from practicing law.


I loved this episode. I loved watching the indictment fail. I agree, though that at this point the whole Wendy Scott-Carr going after Will thing needs to stop and the show can focus on other topics.


Who says Alicia has to get tied up with anyone ! She doesn't need neither one, one might be a liar but the other is a player and she doesn't need any of that crap again neither does her kids.
In the Alicia/Peter scene he was right on when he hit the nail on the head about her relationship she was hiding from, what Peter had done way back is water over the damm that she agreed to. The Kalinda thing is still up in the air about the real truth, future episodes is bringing her husband out in the open and we will see what Peter did to help her.
If Peter ever went up against Alicia in a court case she would get slammed but good, her case handleing is very poor and has a very low win rate.


I really enjoyed this episode, especially seeing the way the characters interacted with one another. I want Alicia with Will. Alicia, Peter and Will are far from perfect but Peter cheated on her, lied to her and publicly humiliated her. Will has been more honest about his past and given her space when she's asked for it. I want them to end up together. I loved Alicia and Peter's exchange. I'm glad Peter admitted to investigating Will because of his relationship with Alicia. If this "love triangle" is going to work, we need to see more of Peter and more interaction between him and Alicia. I hope we get an episode with Alicia and Peter against in each other in a case....and I don't mean their divorce (not yet anyway, but hopefully that too!). That would be interesting to see how they use known weaknesses against each other.


Everyone keeps putting poor Alicia on a petistill, she is as bad as the rest of them but can't see it. All this lying to her kids is as bad as it gets (Mother of the year).
What she should do is get out of there and get a real job where she can be a lawyer and mother again, and maybe a wife again which she lied about to her family on what she thinks went on.
She doesn't need people using her as a puppet as been happening all along.


Great episode. I enjoyed it enormously. Loved the various testimonies and how Alicia walked out. Excellent.


I thoroughly enjoyed the episode. I loved David Lee's testimony, and his tiff with Eli. It aught to be a good showdown between the two, mainly because both are good at dirty schemes!
The actors and actresses made the most of the script and I agree; many performances stole the scene!
Bring on more, guys! I loved the way Wil made WSC look idiotic and inept doing her job.
Hence, Peter letting her go.


Congratulations to the writers of The Good Wife. You have an intelligent and adoring fan base. But you are getting lazy need more in-depth research of current affairs, you need Sorkin-esque oratory firepower, you need multi-faceted stories when it comes to minorities (goodness, this is Chicago!!) Yes, the title is The Good Wife and it's primarily about, well, a good wife. So her profession and the cases are secondary. I assure you the rating will drop for you may not see it coming, but the window for you to improve is closing.


Another good episode last night. Anika Noni Rose as Wendy Scott-Carr is a person I love to hate. I loved how embarrassed she was after Will was on the stand. Diane, David Lee, Kalinda, Alicia, and everyone else were, as usual, very good. I love the way it ended. I'm glad Alicia appreciated what Kalinda did, and I hope they become friends again. I like Kalinda's loyalty. I didn't like her at first because I thought she was too conniving, but I love her now! Good writing and acting. I always look forward to Sunday nights so I can see "The Good Wife." Keep up the good work!


It was a great show last night! All the characters had good dialogue and the acting was terrific. I'm glad that WSC finally will be gone. Cary and Eli were good, so was Kalinda as usual. I liked Alicia walking out of court! She shouldn't tell her kids about Will, it's none of their business because it's over and it would hurt them for no reason. She has the right to privacy. Peter is still a bum! and I hope Alicia never takes him back. I like Will and hope he remains at the firm but not with Alicia. It's a shame the SAG Awards ignored this wonderful ensemble.

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