The Good Wife Review: Fishing for Dirt

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Who knew fishing expeditions could have such unwanted consequences?

On the latest installment of The Good Wife, "Another Ham Sandwich," Wendy Scott-Carr chose not to cut bait in the face of overwhelming evidence that her case against Will would not lead to an indictment, while Eli should never have cast his line in the direction of Stacie Hall in the first place.

It was a quality episode, filled with a couple significant developments that should play key roles going forward, but a couple ways in which storylines were wrapped up left me asking: WTF? What the Fish, of course...

Spying Eli

First, there was the quick and tidy way the grand jury arrived at its decision. Who is this Peter person? Really, random grand jury women?!? He was referred to as the State's Attorney every time he was mentioned in testimony; and based on last season's extended election coverage, the show made the race for that office seems like a very public event in Chicago.

Similarly, another participant believed the real crime was some kind of cover-up between Peter and the judge, seemingly because the former's name simply was brought up often. For such a major storyline - would Will get indicted? Would he go to jail? Would his dalliance with Alicia be exposed? - the resolution felt awfully anti-climactic and rushed, left in the hands of total strangers.

Secondly, the Kalinda/Dana interactions have felt forced from the beginning. Both women have been clearly using one another, so why Dana would be shocked that Kalinda doctored that file? To the point she'd slap her in public when prompted? It was an odd scene and an even odder reaction.

Wow, the known-to-be-flirty-when-it-furthers-her-own-cause private investigator pulled one over on you to protect her boss? The unexpected horror!

This tampering of the file by Kalinda was a predictable maneuver, but it was still enjoyable to watch Will confidently, calmly destroy Wendy's "evidence" on the stand.

Will Wendy really follow up with the bar association now?* I hope not. The judicial bribery charges have been played out from a storyline perspective. Has Will used his basketball games to curry favor? Is he completely innocent of all these allegations? I'd prefer for the case to now be dropped and for these answers to remain ambiguous.

Elsewhere, great, great scene between Peter and Alicia in the latter's kitchen. The Good Wife is judicious in how often it puts these two together, and for great reason. This way, when they do interact, there's always a sense of tension boiling just beneath the surface. They've been on good terms for awhile now... but not really. They're separated... but not in the eyes of the public. Peter knows about Will... but it's never been outwardly discussed, until his blowup of a line here.

Of course that's what this is about! The entire exchange was both subtle and direct at the same time. I loved it.

As for Eli and Stacie? They're fun together. Eli still feels separate from the rest of the show, however, like the writers just give him stories here and there because, come on, everyone loves Eli Gold. And it's true, we do. But I look forward to Peter one day running for governor, to Eli representing him and for his time each week to feel more related to other characters and events.

That said, point David Lee. Well played, sir. I do enjoy the adversarial relationship this pair has developed.

So as Alicia takes her kids on vacation, The Good Wife will once again also be on hiatus for a bit. That gives us time to debate: Were you happy with the way Will's case played out? Do you want to see more of Stacie Hall? Should Alicia just tell her kids about Will? And did you find this episode fishin awesome, or just okay?

* My question is answered in this promo for the next new episode, scheduled to air on February 19.

** The "Here I Go Again" cover that concluded the episode was sang by Audra Mae and you can purchase it via TV Fanatic HERE.


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I can't wait till the day comes that Alicia grows up and smells the roses about how she is being played by the Lockhart&Gardiner firm all of them (DIANNE,WILL,DAVE LEE) they all need to be disbarded.
They think she can keep the SA office off their backs about the underhanded way they rip off their clients, this fast track stuff is nothing but a bunch of BS.
She should try opening her eyes and see how bad she looks in the eyes of her family, they have tried over and over and maybe this week a little spark but slipped back into the hold and lying mood again.
Next episode when Will gets grounded by the review board with the hopes of disbarment.


I was so wishing this episode motivated Alicia's attitude toward activating the divorce proceedings. Peter's character is so munipulative and non trustworthy to me which so moverides any of his physical appeal apparant yet to but a few. Will's demeanor and sensitive treatment towards Alicia holds the major glue and interest in story development. Alicia's awakening needs more focus as she and we all know what a good litigator and selflish lawyer she has shown herself to be. Perhaps during the upcoming vacation she will reveal to her kids some of her truer feelings and backstory re Will and herself. I'm liking the kids more as their support of Alicia's needs and wellbeing receives more attention.


Loved the episode. Totally enjoyed how Will demolished WSC when he took the stand. Loved his little jig with Diane at the end and also his hugging Kalinda. LOVE Josh Charle! He is awesome. And it is Peter who needs to be made to face the consequences for what he did to his family and for his misuse of the SA office. Will that ever happen? David Lee is hilarious and is fast becoming one of my fav characters on the show.


What is wrong with Peter? He seems to be in denial about his part in the breakup of his marriage. His anger at Alica about Will is just too over the top.


Ok, for all you harping on why it won't be back on till the 19th...well, next Sunday is the Super Bowl(SO GLAD FOOTBALL IS OVER), and then the next Sunday is The Grammy's on that is why it won't be back till Feb 19th...... On to the show..........LOVED the spisode.....excellent all the way around......LOVED it that Wendy Scott Carr's little scheme backfired on her!!!!!! ........Was shocked Kalinda let that girl slap what if Alicia tells the kids about's not going on anymore...... So Wendy Scott Carr is a sore loser and reports Will to the bar........wonder how that will play out?


I loved the way Will kept his problems to himself and then let Alicia know that he was sorry he was in a mess of trouble but not sorry for why the State's Attorney was coming after him. She should recognize what this means. In addition, it would have been good to include the role that Blake played in all of this. Diane was great in this episode as was Kalinda and David lee. Eli is being a bit of a pain but entertaining. Tell the kids and tell Peter the truth about when the affair took place. And, understand that a good friend hired you and has stood by you for a long time in the face of tough odds - and Kalinda is redeeming herself big time - nice play with the thank yous, Alicia. great episode, disappointed with the three weeks off when the adds said leading up to January that there were four new episodes, blah, blah


An excellent episode but the writers have to dig deeper into their storylines, you are stopping half way and leaving everyone in the dark.
The best part was when Alicia asked Peter to stop the grand jury investigation and he laid it on the table the right way and she knew it. When she was questioned and several things came out a very deep feeling came over her about the kids, quick get home to be a good mom and tell but Kalindas call put her back in the hiding mood again and lying to her kids.
During her conversation with Peter he told her about sleeping with Will that was way before her jury apperance so Peter already knows.


Loved this episode.The debacle at the hearing didn't surprise me at all, specifically because of all the publicity of the election, the most misinformed and thus neutral juries were chosen.
Subject Peter, I'm not sure which show you're watching because Peter never admits to anything unless he can't lie anymore. Did he admit to being bribed with a diamond bracelet or get Alicia to hide that mess for him ? Didn't e just strong-arm that private school principal into letting his kids in ? And what's this bogus fishing expedition against Will on the taxpayer's dime about, but not wanting Alicia to get on with her life without him?


Really love this show the acting and actors and actresses are great and strong characters. Please let Will really win. He is a character I like. No more indictmens for Will please!!!!!!


I am go glad to see Wendy Scott-Carr time is over. She is very underhanded, and seems to know it all. It was a pleasure to see her fired very handily by Peter. She was quite shocked to see the grand jury panel go against her. I love Cary's character. He really looked ashamed when Alicia was on the stand.

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