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Personally I was very disappointed with the conversation between Annie Hobbs and the girls. When Sutton showed Annie that Emma had not died in the fire, Annie’s response was that she was talking about her own daughter who had died. But in fact after Sutton showed up at the mental clinic Annie called Alec and questioned him about Emma and told him that Sutton had said she was alive, and Alec's response was that Sutton suffers from a mental disorder. Also when Sutton was in Annie's room, Annie said there was nothing worse than knowing you have killed your own child. All proving that she was the birth mother and that she thought Emma had died in the fire. Also, when Emma was in Char's house going up the stairs, she saw a picture of Phyllis with Annie Hobbs, not her sister Rebecca. I am very disappointed with the show and the new contradictory information this season. I used to be a big fan of the show and watched every episode with my daughter, but not anymore.


Derek has to be the one with the snake on the arm, right??

I really want to punch Sutton, just saying.

I also think Rebecca/Annie is their mom, the casting resemblance is just too perfect. I think Ted is the dad too.

I think i could forgive Justin with time.

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