The Lying Game Review: Who is the Snake?

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Somehow, week after week, The Lying Game is able to top itself. "Dead Man Talking" was no exception, delivering more answers and a very shocking death.

Let's just say it was a pretty easy guess as to who the snake would be. All the clues were there. Derek's shock at seeing "Sutton" alive, Dan picking him up next to the lake, Derek's desperation with Alec, etc.

Unhappy Sutton

We still have yet to figure out who sent the note. In addition, why was Derek only supposed to bring Sutton to a parking lot? Then what? And who is Derek so afraid of that he'd risk a beatdown... or apparently worse?

All signs of Derek's killer point to Alec. We know he wasn't home at the exact time and he's the only one we know of who needs Derek to keep quiet and has enough to control him. Did anyone get chills down his/her spine when Alec told Dan that following up with Derek would be a "dead end?"

I know I did. Alec gives a meaner ice stare than any mean girl out there! It seems there's one person who's not afraid to go up against him, thugh, and I'm not talking about Mads' little lie. I'm talking about Rebecca, who obviously feels like she's got Alec on the hook, so much so that it's time to go ring shopping!

Until this point, Laurel was my favorite character on the show. She's witty, adorable, loving and she's got quite a set of pipes! But I have to say that Charisma Carpenter is slowly wedging her way into first place. How awesome is she? I love when you get some badass adults on a teen show. No offense to Kristen, but she can be a little stiff.

I wish we could've seen more of Rebecca and Annie's interaction at the hospital. I wonder if this is the last we've seen of Annie Hobbs. Obviously Alec and Rebecca both want Annie in that clinic, but only Alec seems to have the relationship with the doctor in charge. Two devious and shady adults, what a perfect pair!

Ted and Kristen, on the other hand, I don't know how they don't realize yet that it's not their own daughter. Same goes for Laurel. Then again, Laurel is immersed in her own teenage drama. Speaking of drama, do you trust Justin this time around?

Sutton and Emma are like night and day. Sutton has the biggest chip on her shoulder and it's hard to root for her. I'd still really like to know what led to her becoming such a difficult little bitch. I'd also really like Emma to grow some balls and stop going along with all of Sutton's plans.

Next week should be interesting, now that Ethan is a suspect in Derek's death and had to flee town with Sutton. The communication between Sutton and Emma obviously sucks because they can't keep their simple lies straight with their friends. I wonder how Emma will hold up in police questioning?

What do you all think? Who do you think killed Derek? What will happen on Ethan and Sutton's road trip? Lastly, what is Rebecca's grand plan? Is Alec definitely guilty or is everything just a little too obvious?


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love a book that will cunitnoe to keep me guessing. sounds like my kind of book. thanks for the review. will check this one out.


I think what texmac said is interesting about Ted being the father of Annie Hobbes baby. It never made sense to me that Ted would father twins and adopt one but just let the other go and never think of her again. Especially with the devil Sutton/angel Sutton thing going on now. I think this will all tie in with Annie Hobbes baby. Also, Alec as dereks killer seems too obvious... It was nice to see Dan looking out for eathan, to have them acting like brothers. And totally agree that thayer should have gone in for Emma. Why would eathan go into the school when he's on the run??


Everyone has been guessing as to the father of the twins. But last week we learned there was a third baby, born to Annie Hobbs. Who is the father of her baby? I think Ted's big secret is that he was Annie Hobbs baby's father. What do y'all think of this?


It makes me mad that Sutton got her way again, running off with Ethan. I wish Emma's stupid heel wouldn't have broken so they could have just run off together, like they planned to in the beginning, before the cops even showed up. Ethan must be heartbroken, having to spend god knows how much more time with Sutton. And it's only them two! What Sutton should of done was just go on inside the school and switch with Emma quickly. As you could see, there weren't any students around! I knew the minute Ethan got out of the car that he was going to be in danger and that the switch wouldn't work. Or Thayer should have offered up to go get her! He wouldn't have had to hide from the cops like Ethan did, and would of been able to help Emma up so they could escape. As for the Derek murder, I'm betting on Alec. Him and Rebecca are the only suspects. But since this is how the show always is, they'll probably keep us guessing for weeks...


this show is so good, it keeps us all wanting more, and i def want more :) i love emma & ethan together... but i do like the emma & thayer chemistry!!! sutton is a BRAT and needs to GET OVER HERSELF! i def think dereks killer was alec, and poor emma for having to know that sutton her untrusting sister is with her man out of town. ugh this show gets better and better! :)


Ok so Alec is the one who sent the note. It was wrapped as a present and Alec said he need to pick up Suttons present before the party.I also think Alec is the one who killed Derek because hes the only one with a motive.At first I thought Rebecca couldnt be the mother because she doesnt respond to Sutton as if its her daughter, but if Rebecca had twins maybe she assumed sutton isnt her child because she didnt appear to have a twin. Maybe she doesnt know Sutton is adopted so she just thinks its ted and kristens bio daughter.Clearly Rebecca is up to something though. I like how we got to hear a little about Emmas past because we really dont have any info on any of the characters past besides the fact that Ted and Alec made a mess of things in the past.


I loved this episode it was amazing and I can't wait till next week that episode looks even better.


The promo for next week's episode shows Emma telling Mads that she is not Sutton. OMG! Can't wait.
I really don't like Charisma Carpenter at all. For me, she'll always be Cordelia and I don't think that her role is necessary. The show is confusing (but great) as it is, why bring another Annie in there. But well, maybe her character will be of importance some time soon.
Sutton and Ethan running away together, oh my. I hope he doesn't fall for her again. I feel sorry for Emma, I really hope she and Ethan stay together. I love Emma and Thayer together, as friends. He was awesome when he told Sutton she could actually learn something from Emma. Although I must say that I kind of understand Sutton for being pissed, because everybody says how great Emma is, of course she feels put aside. I'd really like for Emma and Sutton to actually be sisters and have their backs.
This show does get better every week!


Sutton is very unlikeable and watching her on screen is sometimes unbearable. I guess that's the point one twin is humble and selfless and the other wants the world bowed to her feet. Sutton and Ethan together on the run is going to be interesting. Emma being question by the police with no information about what happend maybe even worse. Emma is cute with any guy on the show but I m glad Emma is back in the Mercer home.


I love this show. Sutton is such a bitch but I do feel bad for her. If it wasn't for Justin or her music, I bet Laurel would try to figure out what's up with her sister. The plot advances quickly! We have confirmation that Derek was in Sutton's car although not to kill her and then he ends up dead. Ethan is wanted for Derek's death. Sutton is with him. Emma is back with the Mercers. Alec is deeply involved with many schemes. I'll say either Alec or Rebecca had Derek killed. Oh, and how cute were Thayer and Emma playing Xbox :]

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