The Secret Life of the American Teenager to Return On...

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Here comes the reluctant bride?

On March 26, The Secret Life of the American Teenager - led by Golden Globe nominee Shailene Woodley! - will return to ABC Family to complete its fourth season run, picking up right after the 2011 finale, on the heels of Amy accepting Ricky's proposal.

But is this really the face of an excited fiancee? Check out new promotional art just released by the network and then view the first trailer for The Secret Life's spring season. Will Amy follow through on her engagement? And what "bombshell" news does the series have in store for viewers?

Secret Life of the American Teenager Poster

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Is amy pregnant again or not


Ricky and amy belong together they make a great family and plus there son jon i hope they stay together in the next last twelve episodes i cant wait to see it i am marking my calendar for march 25 when the show comes back plus they are airing a Christmas special on the secret life on December 19 so I am going to record it and than watch it cant wait


i think amy is pregnant again, but with some of the scenes I think it is either ricky's or ben's baby. I am pretty sure that is it. Watch the trailer.


how i hate to see amy with that jerk ricky.i hope amy deosn't marry him in the next season cause ricky deserves to be alone not even with adrian


Does anyone but me find some of the dialogue on this show so awkward?


y can't ABC bring back kyle xy. wel i luv secrete life


oh. my. god. i love amy and ricky together. they actually have some serious chemistry since season 1! and yeeeeeee i hope amy is preggers again--WITH RICKYS KID! not stupid ugly bens. (:


Disgusting show. Terrible. I hoped it would not return, but again, it did. How could ABC@!#%$#family take away Kyle XY and put this on in return?! Yeah, some things stay with you forever. ***Bleghh**


Anyway the show will be over soon, Shai Woodley will become a movie star with an oscar or at least an oscar nom..before that i just hope to see more of Amy and


I cant wait for the show. March is very far.

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