TV Fanatic on Set: Chuck Cast Dishes on Finale

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Call it Chuck Versus The Final Press Day.

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to spend a few hours with fellow reporters and members of the Chuck cast for the show's second-to-last day of filming. Ever.

With the two-hour series finale airing this Friday, Yvonne Strahovski admitted everyone was "a bit worn out" by the long hours, but the affection on set between cast and crew members was palpable. Emotion was running high.

"It's really our biggest struggle trying to keep each other together," said producer Chris Fedak. "Yvonne has been the weak link this time. We're on set, shooting what is the final scene of the series and she was crying and she turns to me and she says, 'say something funny.' I had to tell her, 'Josh handles the funny, I handle the action.'"

Adam Baldwin was equally unsympathetic toward his long-time co-star: “Oh, she's going on to bigger and better things, she's got nothing to cry about. She's got all our phone numbers and emails, she'll see us around. Once in a while.”

Following Chuck Versus The Bullet Train, there is a sense of impending doom for hardcore fans. And Strahovski didn't exactly assuage our fears with her finale preview, teasing:

“I think [this storyline] is going to weigh heavy on people's hearts... There's a definite element of sadness and stuff that we have to go through to get to the final moment.”

But Zachary Levi takes a broader few of the show's final two hours, saying the episodes "reset the clock in a lot of ways" and adding: "You find our heroes almost like you found them in the beginning of the show."

Fedak echoes this view.

“It's very callback-y," said the co-creator. "It's very much an episode haunted by previous seasons. You're going to find a lot of echoes. The first half of the night, episode 12, is very much a contained thriller. Then episode 13, every act will have echoes of past seasons and it will make... you'll see how we'll fold into the story and the narrative will make a lot of sense. But there is something about it... as we were working on the episode, breaking it in the writers' room, we wanted something that was a play through the entire show, not just this season.”

For those of us who have stuck around for five seasons, dieting strictly on Subway sandwiches to keep our favorite group of Buy Morons around, Fedak promises a "love letter" of a finale, while Levi says we shouldn't require TOO many years of therapy after it's over:

“[The finale is] good, it's cathartic, it's therapeutic. It's not necessarily tears of joy but it's tears of love. And I hope that the fans all feel that.”

Look for one specific reference/call back to the pilot (hint: it involves Mark Pellegrino), as well as a final performance from Jeffster on Friday. If you like the the Norwegian pop band A-ha, you will not be disappointed by it.

And if you love Chuck as I do, be grateful the series made it this far. Then, prepare to cry. A lot.


Sou biarilesro e acompanho daqui os episodios. Todos candidatos são lindos e gostosos.Quero ver outras performances para depois dar meu voto.CoolBrasil


It is strange when a TV show leaves you feeling like you have just parted with some old friends. But this one did.
I very much hope that there will be a follow up on this one.
It is one that I would buy, definitely. If they make a direct to video or some kind of web thing(s) - definitely.
They need some new models anyway - I mean, look at how they run the 'ratings" and drive the selections - I don't think it has any contact with what anyone I know actually likes and watches.
I thought the "embedded" ads, for like Subway and the cars was a pretty good idea. If they just don't get too flagrant then they have a better chance at my attention this way than the regular commercials.
My two-cents worth, it was too soon to end this one. It was comic-bookish but with 3 dimensional characters that you had to like. Just saying; it was a mistake to end it. It would be smart to retool it as a movie, maybe several. Think about it!


I don't think that the grande finale will be cheesy or common. I really think that they'll end it in a sad way,or at least something won't be as everyone (including myself) wishes to end like.
I'm looking forward to seeing what they'll bring to us!


Love the article Kris.


I'm confused. Mark Pellegrino wasn't in the pilot. He was in Chuck vs. the Fat Lady. So, how does he callback to the pilot.


OMG I get teary eyed just reading this post!!!! It will certainly be a bittersweet end for Chuck and the gang! I still can't believe it's gonna be over soon. I know it's cheesy but I hope to see some behind-the-scenes with the cast before/as the end credits roll...

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