Who is Callie With in Alternate Grey's Anatomy Universe?

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In the Grey's Anatomy alternate universe / "what if" episode, we know Derek and Addison are married and Ellis Grey is still alive. But it turns out that Callie, too, ends up with someone you might not expect.

This should have fans buzzing (or scratching their heads). According to TV Guide's William Keck ...

GA spoiler tweet

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@kay um, wasn't Callie a confirmed heterosexual woman in her mind before meeting Erica and entering a relationship with Arizona? also, she had a baby with Sloan. so, i'm guessing she's a bisexual woman who loves another woman. which makes it not really that offensive. and the whole point about an alternate universe is that it's about the what ifs. what if Callie wasn't bisexual at all or didn't realize it yet? remember that after sleeping with Erica, she didn't have the same sort of epiphany. if she didn't meet Arizona, she probably would have gone right back to dating only men. just a thought


ok, so in an alternate universes gay characters apparently turn straight. well that's not offensive at all


Arizona and Karev. Cristina could be all flirty flirty with Teddy to try and get some heart surgeries. lol Can't wait to see shiny Meredith..oh, wait! Meredith and Karev, they have great chemistry. We could have a triangle there! Alex needs more screen time. I'd love to see another guy-centric episode, I loved the last one!!


I think this is going to be a fun episode. Shonda said the whole premise of the show is that Meredith is not dark and twisty. So going by that, bright and shiny Meredith would not have slept with George > George would not have been upset and fallen down the stairs and dislocated his shoulder > thereby he would not have meet Callie.
Also, Shonda says that Arizona remains unchanged, but Jessica Capshaw tweets she is a different Arizona, so we'll just have to wait and see...Can't wait!


Oh no...
Well for me there is only Owen/Cristina. But I can live with Owen/Callie for one episode. But really only one.


I bet they will be talking about George like he went to Mercy West after his meltdown with Izzie at the end of the third season Shonda and T.R. did not end their relations on good terms so there is no way he is ever coming back


I wished we could see George still alive but don't think it's gonna happen. And even when he was still there, Callie and him were divorced already.
The idea of Owen and Callie together makes me laugh lol. But sure, why not.
Btw, Jessica Capshaw said on twitter that we would get to see a different Arizona, wonder what she meant by that ! Maybe she's straight and cranky in alternative reality lol.


Haha they're always working together in the ER! I always think that they have funny scenes together! But this sounds a little icky!


what if george never dies?? maybe him and callie will be still together


What that's hectic!!!
Can't wait for this ep...

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