Who Will Be Killed Off Nikita?

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Nikita will not return with a new episode until February 3.

But showrunner Craig Silverstein is at least intent on giving fans something major to ponder during the brief hiatus:

"We’ve built up a lot of [cast members], and so we’ve got to start killing them off," he tells TV Line, adding that even series regulars "will die" in the near future, while others will simply be written off the series.

Visit TV Line now for more from Silverstein; watch the promo above for "Clean Sweep," during which Nikita will face a critical decision regarding Division; and, of course, sound off: Who do you think isn't long for Nikita?




Nikita is great series
Accept the blondie and the boy came up.( awfull acting) and the storyline.. Is a crap and ridiculous don't they use condom or birth control pills? MI6 agent, ex navy seal/ assasin did not know how to use protection ?????? At least if you cheated your husband don't get pregnant???? And mickey... In this seduction mission and forget your condom?????? Totally funny
And off course... From percy point of view.. Is easier to kill the president of belarus and the blondie... Use a puppet to rule the country... A lot of action and no need to do this ridiculous seduction thing...
Next episode come out maybe finally reveal this blondie is gogol... Please if you insists to continue the ridicilous story line please find better actress and actor to be blondie and the boy


Nikita is Great tv show, great actor/ actress , writers all great episodes accept
looking glass and london calling ( both episodes are ridiculous and the blondie& the boy in that episode are awfull actors... They can't act) They should renew this series... at least 5 seasons....


the only person who is "safe" is Nikita


why are people saying amanda should or is going to die I really dont want anyone to die but if I had to it has to be either one of the members of oversight or sean..please please dont kill off AMANDA!!!


I would much prefer it to be Amanda or Owen, then again the characters killing tends to come as a suprise >.


I love Percy but Amanda is entertaining so i hope they kill off sean


I'm not a fan of Amanda but I don't want her to die soon. . .so,Percy will be back to Division now?


Amanda...and yes, I will smile. Her character has entered the status "dead" for a few episodes now.


I think Amanda will be killed :( But I hope they killed off Sean. I don't like the character and the actors is so wooden.

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Nice. Awkward. Girls like awkward. Makes them feel special.


Percy: At least one good thing came out of this: now you know who your real friends are.

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