Who Will Be Killed Off Nikita?

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Nikita will not return with a new episode until February 3.

But showrunner Craig Silverstein is at least intent on giving fans something major to ponder during the brief hiatus:

"We’ve built up a lot of [cast members], and so we’ve got to start killing them off," he tells TV Line, adding that even series regulars "will die" in the near future, while others will simply be written off the series.

Visit TV Line now for more from Silverstein; watch the promo above for "Clean Sweep," during which Nikita will face a critical decision regarding Division; and, of course, sound off: Who do you think isn't long for Nikita?


The members of Oversight are most likely to be killed off as well.


I also think that Amanda is the first one to go. After Percy gets free there's no place for Amanda to hide from him


I hope they don't kill off Alex, she is my favorite so far.


Nikita,Alex,Michael and Birkoff are safe also think Owen is. They are not gonna kill them off


It will be Amanda

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