Alcatraz Review: Crazy, Bomber, Love

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I wonder if it ever bothered Emerson Hauser that he aged and his love, Lucy Banerjee, didn't? I wonder how she felt dating the man from Jurassic Park?

Realistically, being in a coma and potentially on her deathbed makes the point moot, but "Paxton Patty" gave viewers insight into the budding romance of the doctor and the cop.

In fact, we haven't seen a lot of Lucy recently and have really only glimpsed her time during Alcatraz for brief moments. What's odd is that she seems to have played a vital role at the prison... but for some reason there were no records of any female doctors.

Mehcad Brooks on Alcatraz

Although I found her interrogation tactics surprising, I recognized that she wanted to stop Paxton from setting off more mines. Yet, did she call upon Emerson simply for his help in the matter or because of something more?

It's especially interesting to see the drastic differences in Emerson's character. His past self was rather nervous and timid, which is a gigantic contrast to his present day grouchy and direct personality. What happened in those 49 years that caused such a dramatic shift for him?

Clearly, Alcatraz holds a personal place in his heart and probably more so because of his intimate connection with Lucy. I can only imagine something that involved her (her disappearance perhaps?) pushed Emerson into becoming so focused on Alcatraz that it grew into his only care and concern.

Thankfully, the flashbacks provided meaning for the episode, both for Emerson's love life and also the criminal at hand.

I know one of my big concerns involves the reasons for their present day violent actions. Paxton claims to have gone to sleep in 1963 and woken up in 2012, which would account for his continued feelings for blowing things up to get revenge for not being recognized for his service in the military. Time merely passed by seconds for him, so it makes sense that all of his emotions and feelings remain the same.

And so his motives behind his actions made sense, but he never received any mission like the other returned convicts. Why? Was his reappearance a plot device because Emerson happened to bring him to Alcatraz and that led him to Lucy which led to mystery after mystery?

Are only some of the prisoners special enough to warrant missions for special keys? And why do they appear in random places? Why do they go on killing sprees in addition to their new tasks? Why? Why? Why?

There are just so many questions that surround the returnees that it's hard to guess any answers because they only lead to more questions.

I'm a little shocked that Rebecca Madsen seemed so calm when Emerson shot Paxton in the leg. I'm even shocked that no other police officer seemed to do anything about it. I know Emerson is on his mission, but he can't just do that, at least not in front of everyone. I guess not only does it say something about his driven character, but Rebecca's willingness to let something like that happen.

I'm even surprised she's never questioned where he takes the prisoners or why she can't interrogate them. I think Diego is on to something when he discusses a facilitator. He really is the only guy that seems to wonder about what is going on.

As for Emerson, he gets to do what he wants without repercussions (so far) but what can Dr. Beauregard do to fix Lucy? And what does "you know her methods" mean?

While the episode utilized the flashbacks more effectively and did give Emerson some interesting character time, I still feel completely in the dark when it comes to the mystery of Alcatraz.

Is that a good thing? Maybe, and while the intrigue of the show provides for fun entertainment, I just hope that the writers at least have an idea of where the show is going so they don't dig themselves into a hole they can't get out of.

What do you think of the show so far? Any questions or theories of your own? Sound off below!


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Soto, Rebecca and Hauser (along with us viewers) seem to be making zero progress in unraveling the bigger mysteries that keep piling up. This show has lots of very good elements, but it's testing my patience. The way they disarmed the land mine that Hauser was standing on was stupidly unsafe. I'm no expert but with some duct tape and a shovel I could have disarmed it safely in 60 seconds. Dig it up, duct tape around the whole thing including Hauser's shoe, then he removes his foot from the shoe. The BIGGEST mystery on this show is how our trio of sleuths can always find precisely the right answer in 10 seconds, based on an extremely obscure clue, or if there's one tiny clue in a messy crime scene they'll find it in 5 seconds. There must be a supernatural or scientific explanation for this, and I am waiting a) for Soto and Rebecca to at least wonder about it out loud, and b) for the writers to provide some hints as to how this is possible, and ultimately, a complete explanation.


I never heard of this series until last night. OMG I am hooked. I totally saw a lil spark between Emerson and Lucy in the Paxton EP my feelings were confirmed. I like all the WHYs and NO!!! Not A Commercial NOW moments lol. I have never been hooked on a FOX Drama until now. I find it cool that their HQ is on the ROCK this show just has a SyFy twist that I love. The Lucy/Emerson back story and when she snaps out of her coma I can't wait to see how their interactions progress and will Becca/Soto see it. LOL I'm a sucker for stories like these. Ok DONE WITH MY RANT NOW.


How stupid is it to have hq on an island? Do they constantly takes boats and helicopters everywhere? What about when they are in a hurry and can arrive anywhere in SF from an underground bunker on an island in mere minutes?


I think Rebecca was ok with Hauser shooting Paxton because his device had just killed her friend. Really enjoying this show, and I'm very interested in where it's going with the mystery. Looks like Lucy had a bigger role in it than we knew. I hope Beauregard can revive her so we can get some answers!


They can't give us the answers all at once, that would end the show. But at least they are giving us some clue each week as to what was going on in 1963.
I like this show, and I hope it continues. The acting is very good. As far as Lucy, we seem to be picking up more clues about her in the last couple of episodes. So whatever happened to the prisoners also happened to her otherwise she would have aged. But why was she not sent on a mission just waking up now? Like you said lots of questions.


Just for the "I'm even surprised she's never questioned where he takes the prisoners or why she can't interrogate them." She has been told they are sent to prison under assumed names I think, in episode 1. I believe it is odd she does not request further interrogations, but she knows where they supposedly get sent.


What i want to know is who is Dr. Beauregard working for, why was he collecting all that blood from Masden's grandfather?


I actually think we're getting closer to answers about the whole thing. So far it seems like it all ties together pretty well. Instead of giving us a flashback about Paxton Petty, they showed us more about the Alcatraz ''crew'' this time, so that was good. I also think there was no real need to give Petty direct orders. I think his reappearance by itself caused a few things to happen. Maybe it was about finding out where his last bomb was, or.. anything that has something to do with Hauser. I don't know. :p


i wana saw this movie tell me guys how ac watch this movie


I'd think someone who traveled to the future instantly would not continue their old life immediately. Land mines must be worth a lot no? Sell the land mines and spend the money on yourself! I liked this returnee the most. I liked Lucy and Emerson's interactions. The flashbacks were much better this episode. Another plus: Rebecca wasn't captured this week.

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