American Horror Story Season 2 Casting Confirmation: Look Who's Returning!

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There may be many changes coming to American Horror Story, but creator Ryan Murphy confirmed one constant for the FX hit: Jessica Lange.

During an appearance on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live last night, Murphy replied with a simple "yes" when asked if the Golden Globe winner would return for season two. It remains unclear, however, if she'll reprise her role as Constance Langdon or, as Murphy has previously teased, take on a new character.

Constance vs. Larry

More casting announcement are expected later this month, as American Horror Story resets its surroundings and its narrative for a second season that will air this fall.

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House of the Devil is awesome, and I like every film on the list with the eipectxon of the single one I haven't seen; Nightmare. Time to rectify that.Just ran into Tony Todd a few weeks ago at a restaurant in Baltimore (he was there for a horror convention) and the waitresses recognized him as Candyman but didnt know who he actually was. They were clearly disarmed when he ordered a bloomin' onion.Wind Chill is indeed an underrated film, with a very good performance by Emily Blunt. She makes the movie.


I would just like to know WHEN will season 2 be expected to premiere because I'm dying for it,,,,lol


Be sick if constance moves and evan peters plays the roll of teenage michael aka the antichrist... But what was the secret revealed for next season wheres it gonna be ? Really where?


there's no confirmation if she'll be back as constance. But this season will occur on the east coast in a horror 'institution.' that's all we know...oh and no Harmons.


I hope that they bring back Jamie Brewer I think that she did an outstanding job on the show. It would be great to see her play another character other than Addy. She has a lot of hidden talent let's bring it out.


I'm desperate for Evan Peters to return. Would love him to somehow still be playing Tate but as long as he comes back, I don't mind! Also really happy that Jessica Lange will be returning. She was amazing in Season 1. Can't wait for it to be released on DVD!


Thank God! Jessica Lange another reason to return to this show. As strange as it would be not seeing her play Constance. I'd be more than happy to see her play someone else. Season 1 of AHS is dead and should stay dead. Bring on the freshness.


That is so AWESOME. Oh please, she must return and Constance. You know she had to move with her demon grandson!!!


Yes! Jessica lange was a joy to'll be interesting to watch her if she's a new character