AnnaSophia Robb Cast in Lead Role of The Carrie Diaries

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The CW has found its young Carrie Bradshaw.

AnnaSophia Robb (Soul Surfer, the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) will star on the upcoming pilot as the character made famous by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City. Robb reportedly beat out a number of actress for the coveted role.

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The Carrie Diaries is based on a Candace Bushnell novel by the same name and will focus on Carrie's high school year in NYC. It will be set in the 1980s.

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She seems too innocent to be playing carrie as seen in her previous roles and the cw like ABC love cancelling shows I see this as one doomed to fail


In the Carrie Diaries book, her senior year of high school is not in the city. She is from a small town and doesn't go to the city until the summer after she graduates.


This sounds like a Gossip Girl / 90210 plot done in the 80s. And knowing The CW, it'll most likely be like that. Big chances that they ruin the very essence of who Carrie Bradshaw is.


She's not anonymous... And Jcrv, Terabithia is indeed such a sweet movie, she was great in it. I loved it as well!


i like she is an anonymous actress, she can give the character something personal! A different actress we would always remember on something different! Like SjP was unfamous and she gave the character soul! so I never watched this girl but she seems nice, and she doesn't have to be a SJP double!


High school girl drama in the name of Sex And The City with CW quality? Big no! CW will only destroy Carrie for most people.

Uncle jackass

Noooooooooo, the CW's going to destroy my image of AnnaSophia Robb. That said, I get the feeling actors don't like being type-cast.


This pilot shouldn't have been brought to production to begin with, let alone on The CW. It was doomed to fail.


Great!! Terabitia is one of my favorite movies!! PLEASE DONT SCREW THIS CW!!


No, no, no, no, NO. I do not approve. Umm, hello? Does she look anything like Sarah Jessica Parker. Who is she? She is not fabulous. I am not happy. At all.

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