Blue Bloods Review: Where Were You On 9/11?

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Unfortunately every generation seems to have a question about where they were when one event changed the way we all view the world. For my parent's generation it was where were you when Kennedy was shot?  For my generation it's where were you on 9/11?

Frank Reagan and his partner John McKenna were in the North Tower saving lives when the South Tower fell because it was "The Job"  I couldn't even imagine the terror that was felt in that moment or the incredible courage of the first responders who continued get people out.

But Frank was haunted by the events of that day but also by the aftermath. By his partner who fell ill. They never specified exactly what John died from except to say that it was complications brought on by breathing the air at ground zero. Which left Frank asking, why him and not me?

A Funeral for Frank

Unfortunately, it's the unanswerable question and even though Frank realized that, it still kept him up at night. His insomnia so bad he sought help from a therapist. Somehow I think this strong man even saw that as a weakness. He wouldn't even allow himself the luxury of a sleep medication as he told the therapist that Reagan's don't take drugs. Those are some pretty high standards.

Blue Bloods was the first TV drama allowed to film at the 9/11 memorial. I was at ground zero days after 9/11. I haven't yet been to the memorial but the quiet enormity of what was shown has me wanting to visit.

The parallel story of the episode was Danny's. When a gunman approached the man Danny had hit with his car, Danny opened fire and seemed convinced he was in the right. 

I'm not a cop and don't know proper procedure but it seemed reckless for Danny to shoot at a man who he knew would likely shoot back when Danny's wife and kids were directly behind him. I understood Linda's terror and fury.

On the flip side I agreed with Danny when it came to showing Jack his gun. Jack needed a way to process what had happened to them. Knowing that his father uses a gun at work and seeing it are two very different things. 

Danny wasn't playing, he was teaching and although that gun should always be locked away a curious child can be a dangerous thing. Far better for Danny to teach his son what he needs to know than have him go searching for answers on his own.

The scene I had the most trouble with was when Danny presented Linda with his badge and told her he'd quit if that's what she wanted.

In that moment, maybe Danny really meant that but being a cop isn't Danny's job, it's his identity. If Linda ever asked him to quit I don't know that their marriage would survive.

In the end the entire family banded together for John's funeral. Frank's speech was moving. He reiterated the importance of the living honoring those who didn't survive, no matter when they died. Some people and events have ripple effects that for better or worse, just won't end.


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What a great episode! I missed it the first time around and am so glad I saw it last night. Time after time, the show resonates on so many levels. I cried during Franks's speech at the church, as I was there on 9/11 and will never ever forget that day and those days that followed - I am also thrilled to have God's presence part of every show. And Wanda, please keep your thoughts to yourself. This is very much a depiction of a police family.


This was the best of the series so far. Awesome episode.


We laughed so hard we had tears in our eyes. Then again we always do on every episode of what has to be the funniest comedy this season. When Selleck was younger he just lacked the comedic punch he has now. Of course these ridiculous scripts and talent-less supporting cast are also much funnier than his Magnum days. In addition I would have to add that any moron that thinks this show reflects even the minutest reality about police or criminal justice is in lala land.


I would like to say so much but less is better. Top Notch to both story lines, it delivered. In Australia, we love this show.


I love this show! Every week brings a great episode!


Tom Selleck made me cry. He is awesome on this show. This was the best one so far. BB keeps getting better and better.


Nice to see the scene with Molly Price and Amy Carlson. I don't think anyone had ever heard of either one of them until they were both on Third Watch.


can someone email me the speech at the end it was very touching


Blue Bloods is an excellent series. Every episode has been a solid one. I love how they present a strong family dynamic. Even if not a traditional family.. but I think a lot of people like the concept of it.
And they dealt very well with the 9/11 portion. Which is still a very delicate subject for many people who were there or lost someone they loved that day. So bravo to the writers for that.
The scene of him visiting the memorial.. did not need words. The sheer visual of that was more than enough.


This episode shows why this show is a hit: Tom Selleck. I have mixed feelings about the Danny story line. It showed the stress and difficulty about being a cop's wife, but proper procedure would have been to take him off the case. He was too close and took it personally. Also it was wrapped too neatly to have the perp be a friend. Do the Reagans have any friends who aren't jealous of them? Finally the Reagans do have one flaw - they're Jets fans.

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