Dave Annable to Star on 666 Park Avenue

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Dave Annable has landed a lead role on one of the most intriguing fall pilots.

The former Brothers & Sisters star will anchor 666 Park Avenue, a supernatural ABC drama that centers on a couple who takes over the management of a creepy New York City apartment complex where magical occurrences take place.

Dave Annable

Annable will portray one half of this couple, while Terry O'Quinn has been cast as the building's owner.


LOVE you DA...will be watching every episode!


And people thought supernatural would also get boring. Obviously they would create a story that is amazing. I hope so. I also thought the same thing about Revenge. But its amazing.


I like the casting, but the show basically sounds like American Horror Story. Not to mention, if this is a series that has constant recurring features such as the house, wouldn't viewers eventually get sick of seeing the same thing over the course of 22 episodes a season that could get renewed and drag on into later seasons?


They should get Odette Annable to play his wife. That would be an excellent scoop!!
Or Adrianne Palicki!

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