David Boreanaz Campaigns for Role on Downton Abbey

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On the season two finale of Downton Abbey, the Granthams sent Mary to America in order to wait out an impending scandal and, as her father put it, "find a cowboy in the Middle West and bring him back to shake us up a bit."

Bones star David Boreanaz, meanwhile, has a casting suggestion for the role of that cowboy: himself!

Booth Up in Arms

You could do a lot worse than Seeley Both, Lady Mary Crawley.

"I'd like to be that American cowboy who shakes things up at Downton Abbey," the actor Tweeted this week to Executive Producer Julian Fellowes. "I'm open for a visit Mr Fellowes. #ITV @masterpiecepbs."

Must we even ask: Do you wanna see David Boreanaz on Downton Abbey?

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I think David Boreanaz CAN pull it off as a "Mid-West cowboy"!! He could be "new" money, which is kind looked down upon the uptight British proper. He is too good to be a servant. Mary brings back "a friend", who saved her from being mugged in NY and learns that he (Boreanaz) is actually her distant cousin on her mother Cora's side (let's say, David is Mary's grandfather's nephew that her mother never talked about b/c of some scandal that happened in America with his parents.) Oh, yeah, I can see it!


David could do it - remember Angel's Liam character? The man looks good in period clothing! BUT very happy she's got Matthew and is staying at home:)


Ha haha ahaha
She's not even going to America, thank god. David Boreanaz couldn't play someone classy enough for a period drama.


Okay, since no one has evidently seen the season 2 Christmas special... Michael proposes to Mary and she accepts. So I doubt very highly that she's going to go off to the US only to return with David Boreanaz. If he gets a role, it'll probably be as a servant to Shirley Maclaine's character (Mary's grandmother). Will he serve as sexual and romantic tension? Most likely, but they wont get together...


he will probably pick up an affair with Mary for sure - better not


Yes, I would love to see him on Downtown Abbey..as long as it doesn't conflict with Bones


Yes, we saw the Christmas episode in the US, so this question doesn't make sense. The ending makes it seem quite likely that Mary will go to America!


And to that last poster, mustang-whoever-you-are,it's obvious you don't watch the show.It's actually good.And from your profile pic,you watch a bad Bones rip-off.Like really bad.Just saying.


YES, PLEAAASE. PLEASE. The answer to 'do you want to see David Boreanaz-' See, you don't even have to complete the question. It's always an unequivocal yes. And on a show this good? Throw in a cowboy hat and boots...HELL yeah.


Some of my friends watch the Downton Abby... I never have. But if David Boreanaz guest starred I would def watch at least the episodes he would be in...

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