Glee Winter Finale Preview: Regionals and Wedding Bells

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Glee will head to Regionals on next week's winter finale, that much we know.

But will the series also be heading to a chapel? The answer appears to be a resounding yes, based on the following Fox promo.

Forget a May wedding for Rachel and Finn, fans, the couple will speed plans up considerably during "On My Way." Will they actually go through with their vows, though? Will Rachel's dads - the only aspect of last night's episode I thoroughly enjoyed? - step in and stop the ceremony? Check out the teaser now:

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I really don't understand why everyone is so against the finchel wedding. I mean yes, they're young, but come on, it's a tv show. It's been obvious that they're in love since the pilot. sorry finchel haters, but the writers aren't gonna break up the main couple since the beginning of the show. they obviously really want to get married if they decided they're still gonna follow through with it after seeing that it's hard to live together. they want it to happen, so it's probably going to.


Way to go Glee on destroying your golden couple! First giving Rachael and Finn this stupid puppy love wedding propose and now rushing them into marriage. They can't even stand each other when it comes to living together and half of their family & friends don't support their decision. There are plenty other ways to show their progress in this relationship but you choose to send them right into graveyard.


Oh for the love of god, where the hell is the REAL Rachel???!!! Season 1 Rachel would not jump into marriage so easily. This s/l is ridiculous. Finn's reply that he has gym shows that they are not mature enough for this! Quinn has more brains than Rachel.


I do not think they should get married now but I don't want them to break up either!


Sue's last line = exactly what I was thinking.
I used to have so much respect for Rachel as a character (she was my favourite) now I think she's pathetic.


KELLY CLARKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY BETTER DO HER JUSTICE!!! Thats all im saying! The Finchel wedding needs to be stopped (at least right now)


I doubt they'll go through with it. I wish they would!!!! It's a stupid show... so they can do stupid things like that.

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