Gossip Girl Spoilers: A New Obstacle For Dair

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This week's Gossip Girl episode (see our review and Round Table discussion) marked more progress for the unlikely pair of Dan and Blair, who not only kissed two more times, but more importantly, confessed their feelings.

She even got Chuck to back off in his campaign to destroy the Muppet, but is everything about to blow up in his face now that G.G. tipped the Basshole off regarding the origin of the infamous wedding blast?

If you think the video will torpedo Dair for good, think again ...

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According to TV Line's Michael Ausiello in his column Tuesday, "Dair is not DOA (dead on arrival)."

He goes on to add that, "In fact, they will be going strong long enough to encounter a brand new obstacle, one that is unrelated to (and potentially much more problematic than) the video."

Hmm. Any theories on what that might be? We can think of a bunch, and can't wait to hear yours.

As for their attractive, blonde, mutual friend, he says that "There’s something big brewing for Serena this spring, but it’s professional more than personal (though the latter will be impacted by the former, and vice versa)."

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well I like the fact that Blair is with Dan, the writers are developing her character in such a way that it wouldn't make sense for her to be with chuck anymore, shew is growing up she being more mature and as for her feelings not being true think about it chuck has been her main focus the majority of the show and for her to tell him she is not in love with him and that her heart is no longer his and belongs to someone else specially Dan means its real for her...and you have to admit she is different when she is with Dan..she much calmer, not so upper east side, she is finally learning how to love the right way..defense only wants eat she can't have..chuck is just obsessed he doesn't know how to move on...


@GossipGirlFan13 I guess so, Georgina was disappointing. Everything felt so uneventful and then she gave up being Gossip Girl making that whole reveal completely pointless.


Looks Like Money problems for UES


@Cote Then stop watching it and drop the show altogether, it'll be better for everyone. Dan and Blair have their own characters, they shouldn't be just love object for other people.


This is garbage... I hate dair, one day blair loves chuck forever and tell him he is the one ahe doesnt want to leave and now she is kissing dan.. I think the authors are killing blairs character, they are giving to much credit to blair. I love her bur I would also like to see other characters more principal lile serena. Poor serena! The authors are awfull and are destroying the escence of the main characters! Dans thing was to love serena! Blairs thing was to love chuck, not to kiss with all the men in the serie!! I loved gossip girl so much but I havent see more episodes since blair a dan kissed. Is so fake!!!!!


@latinalover He might rely on her but she might back stab him.


@Anonymous remember chuck is scared of Georgina


@latinalover Well, that could be the unpredictable outcome. @Where's Waldorf Blair was already relying on Dan far before the video incident: the pregnancy, watching movies together/hanging out, the book/Louis, etc. The writers pretty much made Chuck's change all for naught again because they're too incompetent to actually develop his character properly without constantly regressing him. @Anqtz Blair's 'love' feels hollow and not genuine, especially now that she's confused and leading Chuck on. @Kopassus That wouldn't be a new obstacle, it's probably going to start once we get our 'reveal' in the next episode.


@Kopassus now that was...... o.O


A New Obstacle For Dair is chuckistan

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