Grey's Anatomy: Clearing Way For (Possible) Cast Departures?

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The contract talks between Grey’s Anatomy and Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers and others has become a hot topic of late, and TV Line has an interesting teaser along those lines.

Shonda Rhimes hinted last month that the season ends in a way that could accommodate any number of possible cast departures, as the original stars are all in the eighth and final season of their ABC deals.

Well, according to TV Line, a late April episode will follow the residents - Alex, Meredith, Jackson, April and Cristina - as they interview for fellowship positions at other hospitals around the United States.

Sunny Meredith

Those hospitals are apparently wooing the Seattle Grace quintet in anticipation of them passing their medical boards, and they're entertaining all of their options in their current hometown and beyond.

None of the actors has said much regarding their prospects of returning for Season 9, but this would make it awfully convenient for one or more of the aforementioned quintet to leave SG for good.

As for Patrick Dempsey, he has indicated he may very well come back if his schedule is freed up so that he may pursue other interests. So he (and others) could also appear on a limited number of episodes.


I want Burke back... Him and Christina should get back together. I still feel very sorry for her coz he left her :( and Owen can never be as good as Burke... I love Derek.S his sooo hot


I really think that Preston Burke and Cristina Yang are a lovely couple,so you should think in bringing back Dr Preston Burke for season 9


i think the show is finished every other week is a repeat they had no holiday series how many new shows this year 6 maybe?? very dissapointed


love the show. Please don't leave tv, but unable to hear or understand actors speaking when they have their surgical masks on


NOONE should leave this show is a big hit BECAUSE OF THEM they neeeeeeddddd to stay i always watch this show and i love it because of all of them they cant leaveeee please stayyy i love this show too much


I think there are plenty of stories to tell with the other characters. Teddy and Cristina have the potential to have the most amazing mentoring relationship. Mark and Lexie have been pushed to the sidelines and that story has yet to evolve. Alex has been neglected on a personal level since Izzie left but professionally he makes an awesome team with Arizona. But again, that is a relationship that has not been fully explored. And Callie is such a rich character and Sara such an amazing performer that she can do just about anything, but all season with the exception of 8.6 they have been using her as a prop with no substantial story line and no character development. The show needs a new direction it’s getting stale trying to live off the crumbs of the past.


Just do what should have been done years ago. Wrap up all the stories and give the show, the characters and the viewers a good ending like other real quality shows have done, shows that will be remembered for generations like Sex and the City, Six Feet Under... What made this show different from the other dozens of medical dramas was that it was about intern growing to become doctors... This happened over 3 years ago, now it's just a bad ER clone....


Agree with everyone above! If u lose Derek and Mer then the show is over....:(and that would be very sad


Okay if the main characters leave the show will be OVER! I won't be able to watch the show anymore. I am a die hard Grey's Anatoy fan. I have watch EVERYBODY episode and the show can't continue without the main characters. If Meredith leaves then the title of the show wouldn't make sense. I mean Lexie is there but she's not main character material. I love Lexie but she could never fill Mer's shoes. I hope that this is all just a joke and that the show will
continue with everybody on it.



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