Grey's Anatomy: Clearing Way For (Possible) Cast Departures?

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The contract talks between Grey’s Anatomy and Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers and others has become a hot topic of late, and TV Line has an interesting teaser along those lines.

Shonda Rhimes hinted last month that the season ends in a way that could accommodate any number of possible cast departures, as the original stars are all in the eighth and final season of their ABC deals.

Well, according to TV Line, a late April episode will follow the residents - Alex, Meredith, Jackson, April and Cristina - as they interview for fellowship positions at other hospitals around the United States.

Sunny Meredith

Those hospitals are apparently wooing the Seattle Grace quintet in anticipation of them passing their medical boards, and they're entertaining all of their options in their current hometown and beyond.

None of the actors has said much regarding their prospects of returning for Season 9, but this would make it awfully convenient for one or more of the aforementioned quintet to leave SG for good.

As for Patrick Dempsey, he has indicated he may very well come back if his schedule is freed up so that he may pursue other interests. So he (and others) could also appear on a limited number of episodes.


I'm not surprised that the fifth years exit could be down to taking fellowships elsewhere. Won't it just be Mer, Cris and Alex who'll leave as I'm sure SD & JW will have contracts that will keep them on in GA. It would be wonderful to see Kepner and Avery leave SGH though.
There would be a caverous hole though if the remaining original cast left though. Not sure how long GA would keep it's fans if we see the end of MerDer, Cris, Alex, Bailey and Webber though


aww I will not watch greys anatomy anymore if all the main characters are wont be the same... thats so sad:( how can you not have derek and meredith anymore!!


I have not watched the show since Isiah Washington was fired. I tried after a season, but there was no sizzle left. I would give it another chance if Dr. Preston Burke returned. Also, never a Derek fan on the show nor the actor, both seemed arrogant and too pompous for me. Also, was happy to see George and Izzy depart!


@sue Are you serious? Idk what show your watching but the show is still good the storie lines are amazing. I feel like were watching two differnt shows I hope they go for at least! Three more sesons


Ok this is the deal here we can't change everything I have awaited sooo long for a show like this where the charaters feel real I love the show the way it is and it cannot change I will always watch but I might not be a die-hard fan like I am now mer/der can't leave they just got to a good place and I love everone else please please don't change it this is the one show (beside privet practice) that I love to watch!


I truly wish the show would just END! I was once a big fan of it, but now it makes me sick to watch it! It is not like in the beginning, with good stories, something that made you want to watch week after week, and to see your favorite characters. Please don't keep it going like ER, because that should of ended many years before it did!




I'll just say that I only watched Grey's once in a blue moon in the first five seasons but didn't actually start watching it on a weekly bases until sixth season. The original cast never made me want to start watching the show in the first place so it won't make me stop watching Grey's if they leave now. Don't get me wrong, I actually really do enjoy most of them and will be sad if they do leave but personally, I was always more interested in the non-original cast (minus April and Jackson).


it's time to end DerMer's story,agree that let B cast take good story!
18~35 reviewers are careless about the sad story of Richard/Adele.
Try to hire other hot guy doctor for Lexi and April,I'm interestless to watch the triangle of M/L/J or L/J/April, There's nothing Left to Say


Teddy NEEDS to be kicked off the show 4 a while!
She told Owen he needs to DIE b/c he 'killed' her 'husband'
You mean that guy she married so he could have insurance & then went on dates with other men & only started liking him for a couple weeks before he died?

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