Grey's Anatomy: Clearing Way For (Possible) Cast Departures?

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The contract talks between Grey’s Anatomy and Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers and others has become a hot topic of late, and TV Line has an interesting teaser along those lines.

Shonda Rhimes hinted last month that the season ends in a way that could accommodate any number of possible cast departures, as the original stars are all in the eighth and final season of their ABC deals.

Well, according to TV Line, a late April episode will follow the residents - Alex, Meredith, Jackson, April and Cristina - as they interview for fellowship positions at other hospitals around the United States.

Sunny Meredith

Those hospitals are apparently wooing the Seattle Grace quintet in anticipation of them passing their medical boards, and they're entertaining all of their options in their current hometown and beyond.

None of the actors has said much regarding their prospects of returning for Season 9, but this would make it awfully convenient for one or more of the aforementioned quintet to leave SG for good.

As for Patrick Dempsey, he has indicated he may very well come back if his schedule is freed up so that he may pursue other interests. So he (and others) could also appear on a limited number of episodes.


Out of the original characters, the only ones I would really miss would be Alex, Cristina and Bailey, even though Bailey has been annoying me recently, especially with the lurking in Mark and Jackson's OR. I would also like to see more development in the Richard / Adele story.
Otherwise, Derek has been horrible all season. Fair dues, having his work trashed wasn't the biggest mood lifter, but he's hardly the McDreamy we all loved back in season 1. Meredith is a character I've never really liked to be honest, though she'd had some good moments this season. The name of the show might be Grey's Anatomy, but what would Mere be without Cristina, or the other characters provoking her into action?
Grey's relies on the "B" cast, I've found that some of my favourite storylines has been "B" cast related - Mark and Lexie have been given the best love story in my opinion, and I doubt anyone could argue that some of the best acting has come from Loretta Devine and Kate Burton.


Have been a faithful devoted fan since season 1, put up with all the breakups, makeups and everything in between.
I think ABC are keeping everything under raps for all we know contracts have probably already signed sealed but just not delivered to the people that want to know the fans. If you look at it not one ABC renewal has been announced yet so I'm thinking they will wait til end April/May to tell us the official statement otherwise will spoil SL's for finales.


i want to see christina (sans owen) and meredith stay. i would miss alex. the rest i would miss a little, but i could be fine without. derek kind of annoys me. i would rather see him on the show only occassionally. i think it will be good to cut down the cast so that we can put more thought into the storylines. as long as the twisted sisters, calzona and alex stay, i'm happy!


@ JR said If ABC wants to save money, they should end Private Practice and bring over Derek's sister and Tyne Daly over to Grey's. Get rid of the "not needed characters". How exactly would that save money ? ABC would still have to run another show in place of PrP


@sfthoroughbred you said and I quote washington said "i am no punk" Thats not true he used the word fa##ot and then used it again during a live interview on TV .Get the story strait .IW is a homophobic , loud mouth bully with anger management issues who had already been fired twice before for losing it and in one case assaulted a crew member .He smeared Jim Pickens ,made sexually and racially innuendo laced comments about EP and the reason he never got to play Derek (which he auditioned for ) ,and blamed and continues to blame everyone else in sight apart from himself for what happened


really I agree... leave the cast as it is..and just renew their contracts already... the show is great the way it is.... there are so many stupid reality shows on...and not enough good programs on.... and when you start taking the original cast off the show is just not the sme anymore and it just goes down hill so if you it to fail, lost the main characters.... its great the way it is.... we have followed mer/der since the beginning. they are the best... & so belong together. almost like for real. and mark and lexie shld also get back together. as we know they are both not
happy the places they are at the moment. sincerely j.


I will cry forever if they all leave and separate. It's going to suck.


In all honesty, it is very realistic that they would be going to other hospitals and they would be separated from eacth and potentially have fleeting relationships. They can't all work in the same hospital for the rest of their careers together.That being said I would like them all to remian :p


be sad to see any of the original cast leave. lexie doesn't qualify to carry the "grey" legacy, as the icon of the series is and was ellis grey, meredith's mother, to whom lexie has no connection. i'd like to see richard return as chief, preston burke return and as well, george's character return (as he was not officially identified as injured in the bus accident). for the record, i never bought that whole gay slur incident. the way it was reported was that washington and dempsey had a argument and washington said "i am no punk", which in the real world of that age group means i'm no a weakling. no reference at all to anyone's sexual orientation and it is unfortunate that all the hoopla had to follow instead of clearing up the misunderstanding right from the beginning. ummm....maybe george shouldn't come back and "izzy" had gotten just a little too self absorbed and forgetting the fact that the entire cast are basically co-stars.


I hope that Grey's Anatomy will continue for a long time it's one of my favorite series, it would be nice to see Issy come back, let's hope that all the cast members will remain on the series, I enjoy it so much that I even watch repeats when it's not on. I hope Shonda will continue with this series including Private Practice and the crossovers.
Thank you
A Canadian direhard fan of Grey's Anatomy
Love the show keep it going,
Just a note many years ago they had Doctor Kildare and Ben Casey those shows are gone never to be seen again let's hope it's not the case with Grey's Anatomy the character are great. Callie, Arizona, Christina and all the rest.
I wish the season wasn't so short, but then again I do watch repeats.

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Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)

There's a reason I said I'd be happy alone. It wasn't 'cause I thought I'd be happy alone. It was because I thought if I loved someone and then it fell apart, I might not make it. It's easier to be alone, because what if you learn that you need love and you don't have it? What if you like it and lean on it? What if you shape your life around it and then it falls apart? Can you even survive that kind of pain? Losing love is like organ damage. It's like dying. The only difference is death ends. This? It could go on forever.