Hart of Dixie Review: Love and War

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The sweet in "Sweetie Pies and Sweaty Palms" was certainly short-lived, wasn’t it?

All of our major relationships were on the table, and none were left the same by the time this Hart of Dixie episode concluded. Some were for the better, and some were not. Isn't that, right, Wade the jackass?

At the Sweetie Pie Dance

Wade and Zoe were definitely a hoot to watch as they continually tried one-upping each other in their little faux lovers war, while Judson was playing third wheel to his own date. Not that I cared, but he had more chemistry with that goat. So I can’t say I was surprised he decided to end things amicably with Zoe.

But Wade’s response to Zoe at the end felt forced, contrived, just another way to delay the inevitable and focus on the George/Wade/Zoe triangle. Which would be fine... if George’s story was left at him just having doubts. Now, George is having doubts and his good and loyal heart has sucked him back into Lemon’s vicinity. George is now the nice guy who’s in a poor situation, Wade is the sweet guy who just made a fool of himself - and Zoe is back to square one.

Zoe put herself out there momentarily for Wade, and the carpet was pulled out from under her. How does this help further any of the core relationships in the show when things are needlessly reset? I’m all for angst and love triangles, but at least make it believable. Hart of Dixie has no vampires, murderers, or high schools to set up obstacles. It lives and dies by how its characters and the relationships between them work.

Sadly, the main triangle didn’t this week. But, hey, at least Wade had his shirt unbuttoned.

The relationship that did work was that of Lavon and Didi. Lavon had some real doubts, and some real troubles with Didi. Most of them were in his own head, but at least he had the guts to actually express what was going on to Didi. However, as was the theme this week, relationships in this show chang sides quickly. I can’t help but wonder how long Didi will be around since she’s discovered Lavon’s secret photo of Lemon. Especially when it's clear Lavon still has some major hang ups and emotional ties with Lemon.

As for Lemon, talk about a one-note woman. Yes, I realize she’s been through Hell and had to grow up too quickly, but can we get a few different layers to her character?

It was nice to see her vulnerable side, but her actions and how she treats people leaves me with no sympathy for her. She’s truly an unlikeable person at this point in time. The good will I had for her way back in the prankster episode has evaporated. She likes to compare herself to her father, but at least he has a humorous side to him and has the ability to connect with people. So far, Lemon has none of those qualities.

“Sweetie Pies and Sweaty Palms” feels like one of those episodes that just has to be forcibly done so the deck of cards can be reshuffled and new cards dealt. Hopefully, a few good pairings will come out of it.

Other thoughts:

  • Poor Rose, she’s such a sweet little girl and she ends up feeling alone and isolated.
  • More pranks between Wade and Zoe, please. They were the definite high point of this episode.
  • That woman kisses like she’s eating corn.


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I'M sooo done with the show i cant believe Zoe and Wade still haven't gotten anywhere.


Totally agree with @ernie... completely agree!


I completely disagree with the review! Lemon has so many layers, her character is really interesting and I find her personality way more interesting than Zoe's who has to take a whole day to get into a love/sex mood because she is so tense. I love Rachel Bilson, I really do, but Jamie King is amazing as Lemon and I can't wait to see more of her.
Also, I don't think that George feels obliged to stay with Lemon, but he finally discovered why she was acting so strange and he just wanted her to open up to him, which she finally did. I really hope Zoe doesn't tell George about Lemon's affair in the next episode.


I really don't know what to think about the show. Its confusing sometimes. I really don't think we've seen the last of the Zoe/Wade sexual tension. I think when Wade said what he said at the end of the episode, it was kind of a challenge for Zoe to chase after Wade. And Lemon has her moments of being sweet and real. She was being fake and hiding everything about finding out about the truth about her mother for so long it finally took its toll on her. She pushed George away because she didn't want him to see the sweet vulnerable side of her. Her father has been living in denial for 12 years and she finally brings him back to reality. Lemon should come clean to George about Levon though. She ran to him when she first found out about her mother's new life instead of running to the man she's about to marry.


I know I'm probably the only person who will ever say this, but before Wade and Zoe get together, I want Brick to get a crush on Zoe. They had that great scene in the office where Brick was explaining who all the people in the pictures were and now that Brick knows his wife has another family he might be vulnerable to the pretty lady doctor in the short shorts. When it ended it would put a believable wedge between Brick and Zoe. After the Hell's Belle's episode, I don't believe Brick wants to buy her out of the practice anymore. I'm still trying to decide if Lemon is a psychopath or a sociopath though. Wow.


I thought it was just me who was disappointed with this episode. I'm so glad I found this blog. I'm so invested in the Wade/Zoe relationship. I understand the build-up, but am confused about what the writers are trying to do with this episode. I'm hoping the writers have some clue that the fans want Zoe and Wade together. I will stop watching if Zoe ends up with George. I actually like George with Lemon. He clearly loves her. Writers please read this: this doesn't have to be like FRIENDS! We don't want to wait 10 seasons for you to finally put the right couple together! I was so excited after last week's episode. I understand that Zoe and Wade will have to have drama in their relationship and maybe break up a few times to keep it interesting, but you first have to get them together! I read the preview of the next episode and it sounds like they are taking more steps backward as Wade will have drama with his girlfriend! I just don't get it.


This show is starting to bug me. I like the other characters, but I don’t care about them enough not to want them off my TV when I haven't seen Zoe and Wade talk yet. Particularly when it’s George going back on the rightful realization that Lemon is a nightmare. And then, I finally got the Zoe and Wade scene, only to be SLAPPED by an uncharacteristically cruel Wade. Yes, writers, I understand. He’s immature and that’s one of the hang-ups of their relationship—you've said it enough. But you expect me to believe this guy who’s been going after Zoe for MONTHS is going to pass up his moment to be tell her how he feels? Yes, I can see that Zoe was being arrogant and that he doesn’t want to follow Dr. I'm-Cute-With-Animals, but Wade has never been mean. And I think Zoe/Wade are the bread and butter of this show—their natural chemistry makes the more ridiculous aspects of Bluebell seem okay. Knock them off balance, and the show just starts getting frustrating.


I loved Judson! He was soooo cute and sweet. Wade is an asshole. I liked George in the beginning but I cannot for the life of me understand why he's marrying such a whiny bitch like Lemon!How can he still be with her?! What an idiot! Why wouldn't he leave her yet? She is just annoying. I don't want Wade and Zoe together. Wade is an ass and Zoe should be with someone nice and classy like Judson or George. I am getting kind of sick of Wade to be honest. And most of the episodes I want to smack Lemon in the face.


The pranks were fun, everything else in the Wade/Zoe/Judson storyline felt forced. The ending, really??? Wade has shown that he's actually a good guy and from previous weeks it seemed like he was just waiting for a chance to make his move on Zoe. Yet, when presented with a "penalty shot" he chickened out. BAD WRITING!!! Seriously. Wade and Zoe have a great dynamic which does not necessarily have to change when they get together.
Please writers: Get it together!!! I like this show's characters too much to have it canceled.


I don't understand how he changes his hair and outfit last week, to this week being a BLEEP!
It's annoying.
Team Wade and Zoe.
Work on that NOW writers

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