Jonny Lee Miller Signs on as Sherlock

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CBS has followed the clues, pieced together its casting puzzle and tracked down its Sherlock Holmes.

Jonny Lee Miller (Eli Stone, Dexter) will anchor that network's upcoming pilot, Elementary, which is described in network notes as an updated version of the classic Arthur Conan Doyle tale, this one taking place in modern day New York City.

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Miller recently appeared in a production of Frankenstein in London, winning an Evening Standard Theatre Award for the role and sharing the stage with Benedict Cumberbatch, who portrays Holmes in a critically-acclaimed, similarly updated version of the story on BBC.

What do you think of this CBS casting selection?

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A new Rockford would be brilliant! We don't need a new Cumberbatch, I mean Sherlock, the other one is too perfect for words.


I agree that Jonny Lee Miller is an excellent actor and that when the BBC is already producing an excellent critically acclaimed version of Sherlock Holmes why...well wait I answered my own question instead of coming up with something new again lets borrow from some other country and put our American spin on it! Sherlock is British let him remain in London and let us enjoy the BBC quality version. However I like the idea of a new Rockford...Miller could definately pull that off and at least Rockford is American.


Sherlock Holmes is a period piece set in London NOT modern day New York. Either do Holmes in London or make a new Holmes like character in NY. This is not going to work.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

If RDJr's Sherlock Holmes falls completely flat on its nose when compared to B.Cumberbatch's Sherlock, this guy has no chance at cutting it even close.


Why make an unconvincing Sherlock when they could (re)make a fun Rockford? Or Lew Archer? Nero Wolfe?


So a knock off of the BBC mini series...well I liked him as a lawyer in the last series he was sure why not ?


Could be a sleuthing show that will do alright. Miller is a good actor though not in Cumberbatch's league as Sherlock as he'll never be as funny or as light on his feet as Cumberbatch can be. But he'll handle the dark stuff well. The casting of Watson will be incredibly important. As other people have said, BBC's Sherlock is on PBS so hasn't been seen by a massive audience - even though it is selling very well as a DVD/Bluray/download online.


Not fair! All this dissing and comparing. Shaking my head - in give me a break style - but come on! Johnny Lee managed to pull-off Eli Stone when the show did not have a chance in "bleep." Besides, not everyone watches the BBC. I will admit Top Gear, BBC's top rated show, was poooorly imitated here in the U.S. by the History Channel - but CBS is not going to fly jets into cars and see which one wins! We are talking about a mystery, sleuthy, detective kind of genre and if that is what Elementary is about I'm all for it! Sherlock lives on........


what's the point !!!
BBC's Sherlock is the best !!! :)


Go watch BBC's Sherlock. Why make a new series when you have an awesome one already made!!!!

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