Jonny Lee Miller Signs on as Sherlock

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CBS has followed the clues, pieced together its casting puzzle and tracked down its Sherlock Holmes.

Jonny Lee Miller (Eli Stone, Dexter) will anchor that network's upcoming pilot, Elementary, which is described in network notes as an updated version of the classic Arthur Conan Doyle tale, this one taking place in modern day New York City.

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Miller recently appeared in a production of Frankenstein in London, winning an Evening Standard Theatre Award for the role and sharing the stage with Benedict Cumberbatch, who portrays Holmes in a critically-acclaimed, similarly updated version of the story on BBC.

What do you think of this CBS casting selection?

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Nope don't see him as Sherlock Holmes.


Jonny Lee Miller is an excellent actor, and I'm sure could do the Holmes character justice, but this is just a bad idea. There's no way a network drama (with 20+ episodes a season) could hold a candle to the BBC's masterful 3 episode seasons. If it were FX or AMC and they did a handful of episodes a season, then maybe (big maybe). Cumberbatch IS Holmes. Maybe the only people who could possibly enjoy the CBS series are the ones who've never seen the BBC version (at least the RDJ version is a VERY different take, although I can't get into it).


He may still be English but living in New York. But the main problem being think of the number of people who would watch this who have never even heard of Sherlock the BBC series. They don't watch PBS to see it. Thus apparently never knowning one of the great TV shows of all time. 90 minutes and each episode - total of 6 now - has been treated like a movie and tho Jonny is a fine actor and many people have played Sherlock Holmes but Benedict Cumberbatch has made that role his own. He IS Sherlock.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Oh look, bbc's SHERLOCK rip off... giving it 3 episodes before it gets cancelled...that is if it gets past the pilot. Sorry, you can't top the awesomeness that is bbc's SHERLOCK.

Uss biddle dlg 34

When will the lame/ halfwit networks can't do BBC rip offs.....
Not now...Not EVER !!!!


I'll give it a chance. BUT if they even think about making Watsons NY counterpart a token black best friend then I am out faster than you can say Benedict Cumberbatch....Jr.


This is just plain stupid.

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