Kristin Kreuk to Lead Beauty and The Beast Remake

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The CW has come out with another major casting scoop.

With Katie Cassidy and Willa Holla recently added to Arrow, the network has nabbed former Smallville star Kristin Kreuk for one of its newest, most anticipated roles: she'll take the lead in an upcoming pilot based on Beauty and the Beast

Lana Lang is Back

Tentatively based on the 1980s series starring Linda Hamilton - as opposed to the classic fairy tale - this version will be focus on Kreuk as a homicide detective who crosses path with Vincent Koslow, a beastly military experiment gone wrong who now fights crime.

Kreuk most recently guest-starred on Chuck.

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I don't know why they're even TRYING to relate this show to the original classic. It looks a little interesting, but there is absolutely nothing even REMOTELY the same about them, aside from title and character names! One can only surmise they're attempting to lure in fans of the original series by keeping Catherine and Vincent as character names, but Vincent isn't a noble lion-man. He's more like the Incredible Hulk, with more fur and less stupid. Not to mention completely axing the underground tunnels and all the characters living in them. Father. They got rid of Father? And Mouse? I liked Mouse! He was good comic relief. The tunnels and its inhabitants were as much a part of the charm as the two main characters! *sigh* Leave it to Hollywood to take a perfectly good fairytale and completely f@#k it up. And nobody will EVER play a more convincing Vincent than Ron Perlman. He was what the classic fairytale Beast is SUPPOSED to be, not this "modern" updated mess.


What a disgrace to a classic. Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton touched heartstrings for decades. To create some mess like this is unforgiving. Vincient was a poet. There is no one that can play Vincient but Vincient. I got so excited I thought they had something but this is a bunch of SH--!


I loved Kristin Kreuk on SMALLVILLE but i dont think this remake of Beauty and the Beast is gonna do so well on the CW. The Original Beauty & The Beast starring Linda Hamillton was a Classic. There is no need for a remake yet Kristin Kreuk look's beautiful on the promo poster though. Still,i wish her as well as the rest of the cast of SMALLVILLE the best of luck with everything that they work on. I miss SMALLVILLE not being on TV anymore yet i own all the DVD Boxset so i can still relive all the found memories.


I like the idea for this show. I'm just thinking...where's Tom Welling's new show? The guy is ridiculously good-looking. Also, I think Stephen Amell would be pretty good as the Green Arrow in Arrow. How does Justin Hartley feel about that? I miss the cast of Smallville. Tom Welling, Justin Hartley...they should have new shows.


I missed her on the little screens, but don't think this will be a huge succsses! Wonder if it will be picked up at all! Depends on how many shows are going to be picked u by the CW!? And how many will get cancelled!? From all CW pilot this and Joey Dakota are on my relly Not list! :(


I'm a little twitchy about this show, but I loved Kristin on Smallville, so I'll consider tuning in. It just depends on who will play the beast. Tom Welling? Haha.

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