Once Upon a Time Review: True Love Isn't Easy

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The latest episode of Once Upon a Time may have been titled "What Happened to Frederick" but the question I really wanted answered was this: What happened to David? Honestly, I think I liked him better when he was in a coma.

Even after the Valentine's Day debacle, David was still waffling between Mary Margaret and his life with Kathryn. Was this part of the curse of Storybrooke? The brave and honorable Prince Charming became this cowardly adulterer? Ugh.

Emma on a Motorcycle

Mary Margaret was right. What they were doing wasn't about love? Lust perhaps. Deceit, most certainly. Kathryn had every right to be furious. 

If David had told her the truth, it would have hurt like Hell but at least it wouldn't have given Regina the power of revealing his final betrayal. And why did Mary Margaret seem to be taking the brunt of the blame? Why didn't we see people shooting snarky, disapproving looks at David?

In the fairy tale world, we saw Prince Charming and Abigail working together - and what a difference that made. I liked that Charming asked her if she'd used love's true kiss to break the spell. I suppose that's a well known cure in this universe.

Charming fought off the siren, remained true to his love and returned Frederick to Abigail. Then, he was off to fight for his own true love. What a contrast to the weaselly way David had acted in Storybrooke.

Speaking of Storybrooke, the mystery writer finally revealed his name: August W. Booth

Does anyone have any idea if that name is a clue to his intentions in Storybrooke? If there's a hidden meaning in it, I can't seem to find any, but it says something about this show that it's made me ponder a simple name.

I loved that August took Emma out for a drink to a magic well. How apropos. Of course, was it all part of his plan to return the book to her? It certainly appeared that way. But that doesn't explain how he knew about the well in the first place. How does this stranger know Storybrooke so well?

So... was anyone else holding their breath as Kathryn drove toward Storybrooke's border? What do you think happened to her when she got there? Did August change the story in Henry's book? And was Mary Margaret right to leave David? Thanks to next week's Oscar telecast, we've got until March 4 to ponder the fates in Once Upon a Time.


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I know I am a little late to the party - but we have been watching Season 1 of Once Upon A Time on NetFlix and I am hooked! My 2 cents on August W. Booth is that his initials stand for A Wooden Boy....


What happened to Katherine? She is in a hospital beyond the boundaries of Storybrooke showing the symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personality syndrome.) The curse created a second personality for each FTL inhabitant, and forces that identity to remain dominant for the individuals. However, the force of the curse lessens the farther an individual travels from its source (probably Regina's house.) When the other (true) identity tries to assert itself, the individual exhibits symptoms consistent with DID. When Katherine approached the city limits of Storybrooke, she started to show the symptoms, crashed the car, wandered beyond the boundary, and was discovered by some outside (perhaps police) and taken for medical assistance. When Emma finally realizes that she should check other jurisdictions for Katherine, she will find her. Then Emma, who can leave Storybrooke without difficulty since she has only the one identity, will go collect Katherine and return her. Of course, this will leave a spare human heart to account for. David Nolan is the weakest alternative personality held by any Storybrooke inhabitant. The curse could not assert Charming's alternate until her awoke from the 28 year coma, by which time we know that the curse had weakened significantly. David has twice shown episodes of very troubling DID symptoms. For the last one he was searching near the city limits, and that far from the curse source, he already would show DID symptoms. This also means that Charming will probably be the next fairy tale character to "remember" himself, at which time he can use "true lover's kiss" to recover snow.


He cant be Henrys father in one episode Emma reveals to Henry thay his father died in a fire as a fire fighter so im going to go with pinnoccio OR i foind something else... the grimm bros wrote a story called "the golden bird" i think AWB is the wisest prince from that story... check it out


With regards to the Prince/David. I do believe that the curse is making them the way they are. For instance, Snow is brave and confident ,but Mary Margaret is shy and unsure. Charming is confident and brave and honorable, but David is a sniveling coward.
As for the writer (btw, the actor is nowhere near as appealing as The Sheriff/Huntsman was), I'm not invested enough in the character to really care who he is. I'm more interested in meeting Henry's father.


Why would a Grimm be "in" the story? I can't figure out why people think that. The prior posts have convinced me that Booth could be Pinocchio, BUT I think he may have been "the enchanted piece of wood" that the cabinet/wardrobe was made from. As soon as it transported he could have become the 7year old boy that found Emma. Think about it, how would anyone have found her if she were still in the cabinet after it transported. It must have disappeared, right? Maybe the cabinet was made from Pinocchio, after all the Blue Fairy was involved in the rescue of baby Emma. She wasn't powerful enough to cancel the curses in the fairy tales but she always threw in a great twist on the outcome.


Missa! Yes! That's been my thought all along.


He is not pinocchio, he did not escape with emma or they would have been found together, he is not a fairytale character our he would have been transferred straight to storybrook and not have been able to leave like everyone else, and for the same reason is he not rumples son. He has something to do with the author of the book, weather they are the grimms or not.......just because he doesn't lie and builds things doesn't mean anything, a lot of people tell the truth and build things........I just think u all want rumples son to come back and are grasping for straws.


1.I loved Abigail/Katherine. The girl is descent and i think that her character can have a terrific develpment.But this show seems to be keen on killing the interesting characters.At first i thought she was a beach and one-dimensional but she grew on me.also i would love to see what lies ahead for her and Frederic. 2.I think that August is a descentant of the grimm bros. And all he wants from Emma is for her to restore the balance in the world that his ancestors created.also the guy was out of storybrooke and it makes me think that he is more than just another fairytale character . 3.I think and hope that this episode is the introduction to Graham's return.Also Adam Horrowitz said when asked for Gremma "Every great relatioship starts off with a hope and the hope that it can overcome all obstacles.so what greatest obstacle there is than death?''


Oh, damn! Is it wrong that I cringe everytime David/James starts talking rubbish about "true love"? If this keeps going on, I think Prince Charming might be a shoo-in for The Most Hated Fairytale Character Ever.
As for the writer, I'm liking the Pinocchio theory. He was a boy back then and if he had snuck in with the baby. It fits the story of him and Emma being near the same age.
I love Kathryn/Abigail in this episode. I thought she's just gonna be a sideline, so kinda surprised to see her getting an episode. I hope she reunited with her love too.


Hmmm...Now that i've read the comments,i see how August could be Pinochio. I didn't pick up the hint when he said he never lies...but now it kind of seems important. But from the beginning i bet on him being Rumpel's son so i'll stick to my theory.
I was dissapointed at the end...I expected that Katherine would manage to reunite with Storybrooke's Frederick and they would manage to leave town...as a sign that the curse is weakening...But she disappeared before he got the chance to win her back...

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True love isn't easy but it must be fought for because once you find it, it can never be replaced.

Prince Charming

Emma: I'm not your mother.
Mary Margaret: No, but according to Henry I'm yours.