Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree"

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Be careful what you wish for.

That's the lesson Once Upon a Time passed along to viewers on "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree." But, rest easy, those of you who wished for a new TV Fanatic Round Table. Dan Forcella, Molly Harper, Christine Orlando and Nick McHatton are here to grant this desire, with no harmful consequences to follow...


What does the Stranger want with Henry's book? Could the fact that Henry was working on writing it all down again when the Stranger talked to him be a clue to his intentions?
Dan: Yeah, the fact that Henry was re-writing the book is a sign that the Stranger was the original author of it. He either wants the book back so nobody finds out about his stories, or he wants to help Henry figure everything out.

Molly: We have a pretty spirited live discussion each week on my Facebook page. Several of my friends believe the Stranger is a Grimm, which is a pretty solid theory. Personally, I'm getting the impression that he could be future Henry, coming back to guide young Henry through this process and protect the characters' stories. The producers of Lost love random time travel storylines that confuse the viewer. (Yes, I am still bitter.)

Christine: There's lots of theories out there, but perhaps the stranger's the one who originally wrote the book. If so, does that mean he can rewrite the ending and help the curse?

Nick: I’m not sure what he wants with Henry’s book. I do believe he is the author; there are way too many connections and hints for him not to be. An author with a typewriter walks into a bar... in a city where no one comes and goes. I think with Emma in town, the stranger has to come back to update his story, things are changing.

Once Upon a Time RT - depreciated -

Did you have any doubts that Sydney was working for Regina?
Dan: Of course I did. I thought they did a great job of roping me into not thinking he was with Regina the entire time. Then again, I am easily deceived. Tim Kring once convinced me that Heroes was a great series.

Molly: Yes, particularly when it showed how badly Regina betrayed Sydney in his genie form. I was really impressed with Giancarlo Esposito in this episode. So far this season, he had portrayed Sydney as this shallow, vapid media gadabout. But he took a really complicated turn as the genie/framed lover. (Get it - framed?).

Christine: Unfortunately Sydney can't be trusted. He's always looking out for Sydney but that means he can switch sides at any time.

Nick: Ha, framed, love it Molly! I’m a decently gullible person, and I was beginning to believe Sydney had a change of heart. Sadly, my gullibility was quickly squashed when I saw who his “true love” was. I just hope Emma catches on quickly so she can play him.

During the break in, Emma found Regina's keys. Are they part of her vault of hearts? Or something even more nefarious? Do you think they'll come in play later?
Dan: Yes, yes, and yes. Sure, she has the vault of hearts keys on the ring, but she also as keys to even scarier stuff that we can't even imagine. Of course they will come into play, but don't ask me how.

Molly: Yes, I thought that was the key ring for all the creepy heart vaults, which reminds me have we established whether Regina holds the hearts of other key players in Storybrooke?  I have the feeling that Emma will eventually push Regina too far and she will go for the keys, hoping to heart-squeeze-murder everybody in town. Or, of course, they're the keys to unleashing Regina's fashion-forward zombie army.

Christine: Yes, I assumed they were for her vault of hearts and you know they'll come into play a some point. My guess is we'll see Emma stumble onto more of Regina's secrets towards the end of the season.

Nick: Yes, definitely part of the vault of hearts, and that’s pretty nefarious in it’s own right. I think they’re already in play, Emma, for the most part, still isn’t quite sold on fairy tale land, and something that whimsical-y has to put some positive thoughts about it in her mind, right? I was hoping she’d put two and two together and think back to the mausoleum with Graham.

Where do David and Mary Margaret go from here?
Dan: Mary Margaret is going to put the kibosh in this thing. She is a respectable woman, and can't be sneaking around like this for much longer. It will be just another obstacle that these two will have to jump over before getting to their happily ever after.

Molly: Divorce court?  David has to bring this situation with Catherine to an end. Mary Margaret is too moral of a character to be involved in a long-term adulterous relationship. Does Storybrooke have a court system or does the Mayor run that too?

Christine: No where good unless David breaks things off with his wife. I hate seeing Mary Margaret as the woman he keeps on the side.  It cheapens their entire love story.

Nick: They’ll quickly sideline their romance to do the right thing, but no matter how true their intentions I think things will get dirty quickly. Catherine being a friend of Regina’s means blood.


My theory is the stranger is the Maleficent. Yes im serious.


1. I like the theory that he is a 'Grimm' descendant and has some 'unfinished business' with the book that only a Grimm can accomplish.
2. I really wanted to believe Sidney, but it was just so convenient that he switched sides. I'd like to think he will turn against Regina and do the right thing eventually though, he needs some redemption.
3. It is too painful for me to even remember anything about Graham :( But yeah, those were the keys she used to get into the vault. Emma needs to start keeping track of all the 'clues' she gets and revisit them. I think the vault of hearts discovery would be awesome!
4. They are cursed, so I don't know if they do end up together in Storbrooke, does that break the curse? Or does Emma have to convince everyone of who they are to break the curse?


1. He has to be a descendant of the brothers Grimm so he probably wants to see what is written and how he is gonna help Emma and Henry in the final battle. 2. Nope, the whole thing was planned and its really disturbing that Emma's "Super Power" was not working... How "clever" of the writers. 3. Those keys must be part of something very nefarious. 4. The affair is gonna come out and be a scandal but I think if they stick by each other and not break up, the curse for them could break.


Its seems very interesting thanks for sharing...........


"It cheapens their entire love story......"
Kat is not his real wife, he is not married. He is fighting with his real feeling against his fake memories. HE IS CURSED¡¡
I like the twist, in real life fairy tale characters are not perfect.

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