One Tree Hill Review: Was Lucas Scott Here?

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I imagine creator Mark Schwahn's pitch to Chad Michael Murray, attempting to get him to come back to One Tree Hill for "Last Known Surroundings," sounded something like this:

"Hey Chad, we have this episode about halfway through our final season in which absolutely nothing happens. We would love to get Lucas to come back so that the audience won't be completely bored out of their mind. Let me know what you think!"

Farewell Again

Of course, I'm speaking hyperbolically, but without the first appearance from Murray since the season six finale, this episode would have gone nowhere.

With Murray, "Last Known Surroundings" was a nice trip down memory lane. It was not only a reminder of the old days, but of how great Chad Michael Murray was as a leading man for six years, and how lovable of a character Lucas Scott can be.

I'm not sure whether it's Murray's acting, or simply the character of Lucas, but his presence on screen just brought a completely different vibe to the show. It was very comforting, both having him back in our lives, and knowing that he was there to comfort his friend and family.

How about that rapport with Haley? It was just like old times, and I couldn't get enough of it. Whether it was those meaningful chats with his best friend, picking her up while she's down about Nathan, or being so playful with Jamie, I was cheering on the inside every time the camera made its way back to the airport.

Some might complain that OTH only brought back Lucas for this one episode and he just sat in the airport for the entire hour, and while I agree that I could never have too much Lucas at this point, I have a serious counter argument: this felt very real.

Haley is in serious shambles and she needed the person she could trust more than anyone in the world to help her out. Jamie and Lydia don't need to be there in the case that Nathan is in as much trouble as she assumes, so why not send them with Uncle Lucas? He got in, he got out, and nobody got hurt. It wasn't a spectacle. They didn't bring him back just to bring him back. It seemed to fit the story, and I'm just glad we got to see Luke one more time before the series ends later this spring.

Would I have wanted Murray to stay on and finish out the entire season? Duh.

Lucas and Haley

The return of Lucas Scott gave us a lot to enjoy during "Last Known Surroundings," but like I said above, the rest of the hour was filled with snooze-worthy or retread stories.

Dan watching hours upon hours of that video, Clay chatting over and over again with his shrink, Chase dealing with Chuck's dad issues and Brooke meeting up with her attacker from years ago do not great episodes make.

Then there was Nathan. Nathan Scott, who finally worked at his zip ties long enough to free his hands and strangle Dimitri, only to end up in the exact same situation by the end of the episode.

I was extremely excited when the desk cop was introduced as a cog in this criminal mastermind behind capturing Nathan. It gave the story some Tree Hill relevance. The officer was local, so he probably knew Nathan, but when it seemed that he was just another henchman for whoever Dimitri keeps answering to on his phone, I was back to hating this story.

A European gangster, a small time drug dealer, and a local cop walk into an abandoned building... that sounds like a really bad joke, but no, it's who has Nathan kidnapped right now. Now I seriously want Dan Scott to save Nathan quickly, not only because it will be great to see Dan redeemed, but because this plot needs to end AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If it lasts until the finale, I think many of us fans will be upset.

Let's take a quick look at the One Tree Hill Relationship Rankings before handing it over to you all in the comments...

1. Brulian
While Brooke having to deal with her attacker wasn't all that interesting to being with, she handled it very nicely. I loved that she took a stand, not only for herself, but for Q! I adored that dude. She was absolutely right that Xavier didn't change. When he mentioned that he was never convicted of killing Q, I wanted to punch him through my TV screen and the prison screen between him and Brooke.  

Julian commending Brooke for what she did at the hearing was so very sweet, but we all know where this is heading. You don't show the crazy person hiding outside Brooke's cafe if he isn't going to do something awful in the near future. I am scared for her.

2. Naley
These two need to be reunited like NOW! I don't know if my heart can take watching Haley cry anymore. Thinking about that actually being Nathan under that sheet at this point is very upsetting.

3. Clinn
Quinn didn't get much time on screen this week, but Clay certainly did.  His sessions with the doc actually weren't that awful.  The shrink's questions about jealousy and Nathan's family, had me wondering if some of our readers are right about Logan actually being Clay's kid.  There may be a bit of foreshadowing going on there.


I thought "Last Known Surroundings" would have been rather boring if not for the return of Chad Michael Murray. What did you all think? Was it worth the wait to see Lucas again?  Or are you mad that it was only for this one episode?

When did you know that the cop was in on Nathan's kidnapping? And does his involvement make that story more interesting? Will Chase end up staying to protect Chuck from his dad? And again, who tops YOUR One Tree Hill Relationship Rankings?


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so it seems rather obvious now that the sheet scene was a dream and i think its a major cop out i've been so excited for all those scenes to pop up and none yet have been a disappointment. i mean i wasn't happy thinking nathan died but i applauded them for being so ballsy i mean i was really hoping it was dan and that he finally had been redeemed but o well


Whoever does die, dies around the 10th episode in a storyline that goes over 2 episodes and apparently the death is 'selfless'. May as well just confirm it is Dan Scott.


I think it is Julian who dies. I think X kills him in a car related accident. That is why Brooke was crying and throwing a tantrum at the church. They won't kill Brooke or Nathan. It can't be Haley or Clay. Quinn wouldn't be in danger unless the drug dealer comes back for her. I am saying Julian or Dan but I would bet on Julian dying


if clay had a child, wouldn't he have found out some time since the accident? doesn't he or sarah have parents or other family members that would have reminded him at some point he had a son?


Brooke and Nathan are both in the finale episode.


Only mark and the cast of one tree hill can pull of am episode like this I was so relieved when the cop showed up only to find out that he s not really their to help. Not much happened but it was a pretty good episode they pretty much all are ....


Now for nathan .... omfg - giirls, how hot was he the entire episode. "You may take my world,you may take my life, but u will never have my fear...." ddddaaaaammmmmnnnnn. From the moment we knew he was about to esccape to the moment the cop hit him upside the head my heart was beating soooo fast and hard I thought it was gonna jump out of my chest. Very exhillerating!!! I just saw someone elses post and I also have thought since the kid second episode that clay and quinn woukd adopt him. Also - I really really really really hope the sheet scene with hayley in the morgue is a nightmare of hayleys. If not, I have wasted 9 years watching this just to be let down - DO NOT KILL NATHAN. ....... there will be consequences,lol.


For some reason I am really intrigued by dans story line. I can't wait to see him be the one to bring nathan home. I don't think anyone should forgive him for what he's done but I don't think he should be punished forever either. Logan being clays child? I'm not sure, I definately think there's a connection betweenthe two, but I think that they would have found clay after he left to return his child. Also wouldn't sarah (the ghost one he talked to at the beach house) have told him he has a kid. I dunno about all that. Cont....


I don't think Logan is Clay's kid, but I think they will adopt him.


I was dissaapointed with this episode for the mere fact that they built up his return sooo much and said that he returned to help hayley find nathan, and then that was all we got. My heart swelled when they were looking for him at the gateway, I was soo happy. Then when he called her hales, aaaawwwww - it brought me back. I also agree that someone besides quinn hould have went with her, however, someone asked why isn't brook there for her and whatnot, u have to remember that they are all young adults with kids jobs and responsibiliities - they do not have free time to be with eachother all day like they did in hs. Quinn prob went with her cause she's her sister and no one else is available. Cont.....

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