Parenthood Review: Are You Kidding Me?

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"Remember Me, I'm the One Who Loves You" was full of typical Braverman emotional overkill. Too much love, caring and forgiveness for any family, sprinkled with what could amount to a healthy dose of heartache and disappointment. The kicker was we were left dangling in the breeze until next week!

Julia and Rosa

Sarah and Amber
I loved it when Sarah wanted to know if Bob was married because she didn't understand the problem of why Kristina stepped into things with Amber and Bob. I knew I wasn't the only one who thought that Kristina was out of line in jumping into a situation that hadn't even happened. Sarah was right. They were both adults, unmarried. If things shouldn't happen at work, Amber would learn that lesson as she needed to learn it. Or, maybe she and Bob would have something.

Poor Amber was just confused as Hell. She wanted to go back to work, but you could also tell she didn't want to let Kristina down by feeling something for Bob Little. For the time being, she had to make due with climbing under the covers with her mom.

Sarah and Mark
I'm still not sure what is happening here. My decision is that both Sarah and Mark are living out some sort of fantasy through each other. First, they want to have a baby and then he proposes moving to New York City so she can write plays? Well, yeah, because that's what every new mother does. It's like they're grasping at every dream they've ever had, but never in a million years would it work out.

Adam and Crosby
Speaking of a million... If the number on the card to buy The Luncheonette from Crosby and Adam had been $2 million, I would have jumped. But when we're talking only $1 million clear, split between two people, that barely pays off their mortgages. If after only a few months, major names are sniffing around and trying to buy your business, you are onto something BIG. Hold the line, work through the rough patch and see what happens in the next year.

Let's ignore the fact that Adam should have never been talked into a second meeting without Crosby. I was trying so hard to see what the dude was writing as his counter offer, but it still looked like a 1 to me, and if he offered $10 million, there isn't a chance in Hades they could turn that down. It didn't matter the number. Adam basically made the deal without Crosby, via a simple handshake over some drinks. Adam is going to be very happy Crosby went camping.

Crosby and Jasmine
If all it was going to take was a simple camping trip with Jabbar for our star-crossed lovers to realize they were still mad for each other, they should have gone last year! It was a cute and fun break, a nice family moment for Crosby, Jasmine and Jabbar.

I'm very glad that Jasmine made the move because Crosby wouldn't have put her in the position again to let her down. She knows what she's in for and she is all in. They're solid gold. And, frankly, might very well be, depending upon how much Adam settled for on the sale of The Luncheonette.

Julia and Zoe
Am I the only one whose heart grew three sizes when Zoe told Julia she loved her during her labor? For her to then turn her head after delivering and say she didn't want to hold her baby - those two opposing moments were so emotional and painful. I know I wasn't alone when I was scared to death watching the Grahams walk into the hospital lobby. At first I thought maybe Zoe left, but then I thought Julia overreacted seeing Zoe holding her son.

At the beginning of the season, I felt the most likely of scenarios was Zoe would become a part of the Graham family. I have to believe this will be the case. The pain as Julia cried over the loss of her son was astounding. I don't know how many more shows I can watch with both of my hands on my cheeks and a big O mouth, greedily sucking in air like a lunatic. After all they have been through together, surely there will have to be a happy ending for them all, as a large, extended and embracing family. Right? Tell me I'm right.

We're down to one episode this season. I can't wait until next Tuesday because I have to know what happens next. Meet me back here, and in the meantime, share your guesses for the finale below!


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Ken... The watch is probably the one that Zoe gave to Julia a couple weeks ago. It was her grandfathers, and she wanted Julia to give it to the baby someday. Assuming Zoe is keeping the baby, Julia's probably giving her the watch back to give to the baby herself. I've always thought that Zoe would end up keeping the baby. I doubt we will see Zoe next season, but to be honest, the relationship between her and Julia has been one of my favorites this year. Julia needed the opportunity to show her soft side, and that really comes out with Zoe. Julia loves her like a daughter or way younger sister, and vice versa. As much as I wanted Julia and Joel to get their baby, I am actually really glad to see Zoe keep her baby. Love the character. I'm not sure Julia could have handled Zoe being devastated. She loves Zoe a lot. And Julia didn't look angry in the preview when Zoe told her she changed her life. I think that means a lot to Julia.


who is the actor who played Richard, the West Coast Recording exec?


Can someone please explain to me why in next weeks previews Julia hands Zoe a watch? I can tell it signifies something but what?!????


Julia, Juila , Julia, please God let het have that baby. What a roller coaster and so well acted out that we are all wishing for something in next week's episode. Zoe is not capable of being a Mom when she needs a Mom for herself.
The luncheonette is Crosby's dream but, he invited Adam to be a part of the dream. You cannot be angry with Adam for not having the same dream as Crosby. Adam's dream was to make money to care for his family.
I know that Kristina meant well but she crossed a line.
Next week can't come soon enough for me!


Loved the episode and was so, so happy to see Jasmine and Crosby finally get back together, especially seeing
Jabbar's delightful face. The whole episode was great and I hate that next week is the season finale


Such a good show last night. I felt so sorry for Julia when she saw Zoe with the baby. I was so hoping Zoe would let Julia have her son, and when the baby was born, and she didn't want to see him, I was happy that Julia was going to get her baby. My granddaughter was placed for adoption, so this scene really hit home for me. I just bawled and bawled. I didn't think Mark and Sarah would really move to NY, and the previews seem to confirm that. Maybe Sarah will accept that she's too old for Mark, and she needs to let him go. Her children still need her, and it's not a good idea for her to have another baby with Mark.


I cried my damn heart out in the last scene when Jabbar was jumping for joy about Crosby and Jasmine getting back together. His reaction was SO well played, I can't even believe it.


This was one of the best episodes. I loved seeing so much of Jasmine and the fun they had together. I totallymlove Crosby. I kept feeling he still loved her, but was going tomletnher go. I think Jasmine also realized it seeing Crosby with the new girl. I am so happy. I am upset with Adam. I know he is in a financial crisis, but the Lunchette was Crosby's dream. So pleased with Jasmine's encouragement, but Adam!!!!! Adam & Kristina didn't fare very well, but they did it excellently. OMG, My sweet Julia. Erika was so real, oh I felt for her when she walked in both rooms; the empty bed and then holding Julia's baby. WOW! I never thought Zoe would give the baby away, but thought Julia and Joel would adopt them both.
Zoe & Julia really click. I will have to watch this epi over again, cannot wait until next Tuesday. NBC has a winner,
Parenthood & PHood fans deserve a full season next season, PLEASE!!!!


This was a great recap! I missed the last 10 minutes last night & your page was perfect! It's also really fun to read other fans' comments & takes on Parenthood.....which is the best show on TV! Sidebar...Glee was also a tearjerker last night!

Sarah silva

I think that Erika Christensen is a great actress, my heart broke when Julia saw Zoe with the baby, she new right there that the little boy would not be hers. I did like when Zoe told Julia she loved her, I had hope that all would work out but from day 1 I never thought Zoe would actually give up the baby and looks like I was right

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Joel: Hey, our son is coming.
Julia: Our son is coming.

As my brother said, The Luncheonette is not for sale. Thank you though.