Parenthood Review: Are You Kidding Me?

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"Remember Me, I'm the One Who Loves You" was full of typical Braverman emotional overkill. Too much love, caring and forgiveness for any family, sprinkled with what could amount to a healthy dose of heartache and disappointment. The kicker was we were left dangling in the breeze until next week!

Julia and Rosa

Sarah and Amber
I loved it when Sarah wanted to know if Bob was married because she didn't understand the problem of why Kristina stepped into things with Amber and Bob. I knew I wasn't the only one who thought that Kristina was out of line in jumping into a situation that hadn't even happened. Sarah was right. They were both adults, unmarried. If things shouldn't happen at work, Amber would learn that lesson as she needed to learn it. Or, maybe she and Bob would have something.

Poor Amber was just confused as Hell. She wanted to go back to work, but you could also tell she didn't want to let Kristina down by feeling something for Bob Little. For the time being, she had to make due with climbing under the covers with her mom.

Sarah and Mark
I'm still not sure what is happening here. My decision is that both Sarah and Mark are living out some sort of fantasy through each other. First, they want to have a baby and then he proposes moving to New York City so she can write plays? Well, yeah, because that's what every new mother does. It's like they're grasping at every dream they've ever had, but never in a million years would it work out.

Adam and Crosby
Speaking of a million... If the number on the card to buy The Luncheonette from Crosby and Adam had been $2 million, I would have jumped. But when we're talking only $1 million clear, split between two people, that barely pays off their mortgages. If after only a few months, major names are sniffing around and trying to buy your business, you are onto something BIG. Hold the line, work through the rough patch and see what happens in the next year.

Let's ignore the fact that Adam should have never been talked into a second meeting without Crosby. I was trying so hard to see what the dude was writing as his counter offer, but it still looked like a 1 to me, and if he offered $10 million, there isn't a chance in Hades they could turn that down. It didn't matter the number. Adam basically made the deal without Crosby, via a simple handshake over some drinks. Adam is going to be very happy Crosby went camping.

Crosby and Jasmine
If all it was going to take was a simple camping trip with Jabbar for our star-crossed lovers to realize they were still mad for each other, they should have gone last year! It was a cute and fun break, a nice family moment for Crosby, Jasmine and Jabbar.

I'm very glad that Jasmine made the move because Crosby wouldn't have put her in the position again to let her down. She knows what she's in for and she is all in. They're solid gold. And, frankly, might very well be, depending upon how much Adam settled for on the sale of The Luncheonette.

Julia and Zoe
Am I the only one whose heart grew three sizes when Zoe told Julia she loved her during her labor? For her to then turn her head after delivering and say she didn't want to hold her baby - those two opposing moments were so emotional and painful. I know I wasn't alone when I was scared to death watching the Grahams walk into the hospital lobby. At first I thought maybe Zoe left, but then I thought Julia overreacted seeing Zoe holding her son.

At the beginning of the season, I felt the most likely of scenarios was Zoe would become a part of the Graham family. I have to believe this will be the case. The pain as Julia cried over the loss of her son was astounding. I don't know how many more shows I can watch with both of my hands on my cheeks and a big O mouth, greedily sucking in air like a lunatic. After all they have been through together, surely there will have to be a happy ending for them all, as a large, extended and embracing family. Right? Tell me I'm right.

We're down to one episode this season. I can't wait until next Tuesday because I have to know what happens next. Meet me back here, and in the meantime, share your guesses for the finale below!


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Sarah silva

I have never like Jasmine but I actually liked her alot last night. Every thing she said to Crosby was great, from telling him the Luncheonette was his dream and to never sell and then the whole scene in the rain was great! I am glad she owned up to being bossy etc.
So another reason for Sarah to potentially break up with Mark will be that she realizes no matter how old her kids are they still need her, evident from Amber coming to see her and saying she needed her mother. However I do not think they will break Sarah and Mark up until they now if Jason Ritter's pilot gets a season pickup.

Sarah silva

I can not stand Christina, she is so rude! She would not let Sarah talk but it was find for Christina to raise her voice and say what she wanted and then as soon as Sarah tried to talk Christina told her to calm down and get out ( I have someone like that in my life and they are so hard to deal with. Then when Sarah went to try and talk to her again Christina once again did not listen to Sarah until she mentioned NY.

Sarah silva

DO not even get me started on Adam. He is only thinking of himself. He does not care about the fact that the Luncheonette is Crosby's dream. Then to go and make the deal without Crosby there was pretty awful, they shook on it and Adam said he was going to convince Crosby. I hope that Crosby can get a loan to buy Adam out and Adam deserves to be jobless. Last season Adam told Crosby that he was selfish for sleeping with Gabby and was not thinking of anyone but himself. WELL Adam you are doing the same think to Crosby you are not thinking about how this is Crosby's dream and no amount of money would make him want to sell and that Adam is being selfish...
I am looking forward to next week

Sarah silva

I actually really enjoyed this episode and you can not blame the writers for what did seem like some rushed storylines. You have to blame the losers at NBC for once again cutting back the season, we have 6 less episodes than a typical show and Parenthood is one of the shows that deserves a full season. So the writers had no choice but to speed up some storylines like the Jasmine and Crosby storyline and the abrupt end of the relationship for Amber and Bob


Love the show but am so tired of everyone talking at the same time. Kristina needs to shut up and listen and mind her own business. Sarah needs to grow up and poor Julia, what a roller-coaster for her. She was the one genuine character to show true emotion last night. Her sobbing made me cringe it was so heartbreakingly real.


Really enjoyed this episode, the Braverman's are one awesome family! Next episode looks awesome, can't wait. Was it me or did this season go by fast, I was shocked when I heard "season finale"....what will I do without my Parenthood:(...bring on season four:)


Such a good episode! Very heartfelt and that's the point! Parenthood is about family is one the most difficult and best things in life.
For me, I don't particularly like Jasmine, but they're okay together. I just have this gut feeling that not everything is going to smooth sailing for them.
I loved Sarah standing up for Amber! Kristina, though she had good intentions took it too far. She is probably my least favourite character.
Though I loved this episode, they really left out a lot of characters; Grandparents and Drew! Where was Drew? I love that kid. Other than Kristina's hilarious comment "Drew, well who know what he's thinking half the time." we never heard or saw him.


It was soooo good. I want to be a freaking Braverman. I think from the beginning they have set it up so that Zoe will live with Julia and Joel with the baby... I don't know how, but that's just my feeling about it. When Zoe turned and said I love you, the tears I had been holding in broke free.... You just realized how young she is in that moment and how much she still needs a mother figure. I hope Julia gets to be that for her... I don't know how it will work with the baby but I hope it works out for them. And thank GOD for Crosby and Jasmine.. They have been dancing around it for months. I might have cheered a little bit when she asked him to marry her.... :)

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Parenthood Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Joel: Hey, our son is coming.
Julia: Our son is coming.

As my brother said, The Luncheonette is not for sale. Thank you though.