Paz de la Huerta: Not Returning to Boardwalk Empire

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Paz de la Huerta will not be returning to Boardwalk Empire.

HBO has chosen not to pick up the actress' contract option, TV Line confirms, following her character's disappearance near the end of season two.

Paz de la Huerta on Boardwalk Empire

de la Huerta debuted on the Boardwalk Empire premiere as Lucy, Nucky's mostly unbalanced girlfriend. She then gave birth to Van Alden's baby last season, only to head out on a formula errand and never come back.

With de la Huerta joining Michael Pitt, Dabney Coleman and Aleksa Palladino - all of whom portrayed character that were killed off on season - on the Boardwalk Empire sidelines, look for the drama to bring in a lot of new faces next fall.

Bobby Cannavale, for example, has been cast as a series regular gangster.


I liked her character a lot! I'm not sure why so many people don't seem to like her. Well, she wasn't a likeable character, but I' did like her role. I'm not sure how I feel about people simply seeing her as a body either...


I agree she was a poor actress, looked like she been on the whiskey! Nice body though. She needs to be replaced so it can keep up with sex, nudity as well as the violence. Gutted Jimmy was killed off, will his friend avenge his friends deaths?


So glad she's not coming back, she always acted as though she was on drugs, very poor actress.

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