Psych Giveaway: What's Your Favorite Season 6 Scene?

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With season six of Psych resuming on Wednesday, February 29, TV Fanatic is excited to present the easiest, most enjoyable giveaway imaginable. In order to win a prize pack valued at $100, you simply need to do the following:

Watch clips from your favorite USA show. Think you can handle that?

We've teamed up with the network to offer the following items to one lucky Psych-O: A Psych Snuggie; The Psych Season 5 DVD; Psych Coasters; A Pineapple Pillow; Psych Silly Bands

Here is how you win:

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  2. View the following season six clips.
  3. Vote for your favorite in the poll below.
  4. Leave a Comment with your selection and the reason why.

The prize was provided by USA Network, but USA Network is not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this giveaway. Contest open to US residents only. We'll select a winner on the morning of February 29, the day of Season 6.5 premiere. Ready to watch and enter? And to Tweet your favorite video to #BestOfPsych? Enjoy!


UPDATE: We have chosen a winner! Thank you to all who participated, but we selected someone who truly sounds like a long-time fan: "Psychosomatic," who wrote:

I voted for "Are You Psychic" because... well, let's be real. I, like everyone, have been waiting for Shawn and Juliet to get together since season one. I mean, it's clear he loves her through the whole Yin ordeal, he tried to tell her he loved her in "Death is in the Air" in season four... this is like the FINAL REVEAL. It spells out his feelings for Juliet, in a typical Shawn manner. How could you not love this scene?

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I loved all the scenes so it was hard to choos. I really like seeing juliet interact with her dad, because it gave alot of incite into her character and made it deeper. I liked seeing Maggie Lawson get to play that role and she did a great job with it.


"whose got game"? Shawn does. hes always been my favorite fake-psychic detective.


I love the scene titled "calm down". When Juliet tells Shawn that he is "acting like a child" and Shawn yells back, "I am NOT acting!"

Vicky villacres

"Waking up Confused" from Last Night Gus. Strong episode and it always makes me laugh when Lassie refers to his gun as "my baby".


I voted for the Shawn flips out scene because I just loved seeing Lassie's shirt unbuttoned. -_^


I love the clip Are you Psychic, when Shawn says he loves Jules, then realizes what he said, and she sees that the lie detector says it's the truth.


Separated from Shawn! Not only does it remind me of the 'routine forehead check' in the scene right before, but this clip nutshells the beauty of the best bromance of all time in the psychiest way possible...epic 'all by myself' guitar solo to round it off!!!


I love the scene titled "calm down". I love it when Juliet tells Shawn that he is "acting like a child" and Shawn yells back, "I am NOT acting!". Then to find out later in the episode that the reason Shawn was so concerned about the Nintendo was because he had hidden an engagement ring inside. He wasn't just worried about a game, he was worried about the ring he had for Juliet, she was the most important thing to him, not a silly game.


"Shawn flips out" from Last Night Gus. I LOVE that moment because of two reasons: 1. It's so freakin hilarious!!! 2. James Roday improved that whole speech. Such talent and it makes that moment even more special/funny in my opinion. :)


I love Last Night Gus! Everyone is upset that they can't remember the night before; especially Shawn, whose 'gift' is remembering events that was seen or heard by him. Suddenly, Shawn expresses how he feels in this scene of being deny his 'gift'! Although he can't remember, he is more determine to find out who stole his 'gift'. This scene is hilarious!

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