Psych Giveaway: What's Your Favorite Season 6 Scene?

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With season six of Psych resuming on Wednesday, February 29, TV Fanatic is excited to present the easiest, most enjoyable giveaway imaginable. In order to win a prize pack valued at $100, you simply need to do the following:

Watch clips from your favorite USA show. Think you can handle that?

We've teamed up with the network to offer the following items to one lucky Psych-O: A Psych Snuggie; The Psych Season 5 DVD; Psych Coasters; A Pineapple Pillow; Psych Silly Bands

Here is how you win:

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  2. View the following season six clips.
  3. Vote for your favorite in the poll below.
  4. Leave a Comment with your selection and the reason why.

The prize was provided by USA Network, but USA Network is not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this giveaway. Contest open to US residents only. We'll select a winner on the morning of February 29, the day of Season 6.5 premiere. Ready to watch and enter? And to Tweet your favorite video to #BestOfPsych? Enjoy!


UPDATE: We have chosen a winner! Thank you to all who participated, but we selected someone who truly sounds like a long-time fan: "Psychosomatic," who wrote:

I voted for "Are You Psychic" because... well, let's be real. I, like everyone, have been waiting for Shawn and Juliet to get together since season one. I mean, it's clear he loves her through the whole Yin ordeal, he tried to tell her he loved her in "Death is in the Air" in season four... this is like the FINAL REVEAL. It spells out his feelings for Juliet, in a typical Shawn manner. How could you not love this scene?

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I loved "This Episode Sucks", because of the costumes and all the references to the other vampire movies. Corey Feldman was great as the bartender.


While all the scenes are obviously amazing, I ended up choosing “Waking Up Confused.� The Hangover episode gets my vote as the funniest episode of Psych so far, and this scene did a great job of setting up the plot while at the same time being absolutely hilarious. Lassie is probably my favorite major character and Woody is my favorite minor character, so seeing the two of them together is what sealed the deal for me in this scene.


Waking up confused is a favorite bc I love the lines
" finger to eyebrow device isn't working....I told you,
I'm broken..." ps lie detector is another absolute fav
Bc Shawn & Jules are so cute!

Jennifer bodrero

It was really hard for me to pick just one.I chose Entering the Dark Side just because it's so dang funny & I love how Shawn & Gus dressed up.


I chose Entering the Dark Side (This Episode Sucks) because I loved their costumes.


That was a hard one! So many great scenes, but I voted for "Calm Down" because Jules and Shawn have both a great romantic chemistry, and also a great comedic chemistry and it was really shown in that scene. Plus, who doesn't love the line "Shawn, quit acting like a child." With an Oh-So-Adult comeback of "I'm not acting!"


I chose Shawn Flips Out from Last Night Gus, because Shawn's speech is so completely ridiculous, but no one calls him on it. In fact, Lassie placates him by agreeing to not turn himself in. And that scene leads into another great scene as well; it was an all around hilarious episode, my favorite of the season so far.


Although when Lassie saw his black eye in "Waking Up Confused" the emotions he went through were priceless all the way through acceptance and finally saying, "ok, it's nothin to freak out about, everybody relax, it's not a big deal." Lol, no one was freaking out except him on the inside.


I voted for "Entering the Dark Side" because I love when Shawn and Gus fully invest into being mysterious, especially because Gus was so resistant in the first two seasons. The only thing more funny than when they annoy Lassie into agreeing with them is when Jules effortlessly accomplishes what they elaborately prepared for as a great feat. Possible fav quotes of S6: "what did I tell you, no one remembers Blacula except us . . . and Quentin Tarantino," and "or perhaps it is us who pretend to be alive."


My favorite is "Waking Up CONfused" because the look on Lassie's face is absolutely priceless!

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