Ryan Phillippe to Anchor CBS Police Pilot

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Ryan Phillippe is about to be the man in charge on CBS.

The movie star has signed on for his first extended television role, as he'll come on board the untitled Nick Wootton/Greg Berlanti drama that centers around a young police officer and his meteoric rise to police commissioner.

Ryan Phillippe Image

As outlined in our recent pilot casting notes, Phillippe joins Kevin Alejandro and Chi McBride on the series.

The actor will also play a major role on the final season of Damages, which airs this summer.

UPDATE: Phillippe has now dropped out of the project.

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Does CBS really need another police procedural? Does TV in general, really?


I like this guy. This may be going a little too far, but for some reason, he reminds me a bit of Health Ledger. Granted, his experience is different than Heath's, and who could ever replace Heath? And you gotta love a guy who sheepishly admits to singing Sinatra ballads in the shower? *goofy grin* Kevin Alejandro was awesome in the Season 6 finale of Bones as El Tornado ... looking forward to seeing more on him as well! MoxieGirl44
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